Two Buck Chuck

Good afternoon my pretties 🙂

Today I woke up NOT wanting to get out of my nice, warm, cozy bed (ok, let’s be honest. When does that NOT happen). But today was extremely difficult. Fixed myself a cup of Hazelnut Cream coffee, and I got myself lookin’ pretty for the day.


shout out to So Cal!

As I was getting ready I was thinking about what I could write about today. I’m not sure if I want it to all to be on a whim, or if I should seek things out (books, quotes, articles, etc.) that I find interesting and comment on those said things. I DO know that I want to include some sort of style/fashion into this blog as well because I love anything to do with clothes and accessories, perhaps a bit too much for my own good. So from time to time I will try and show what I happen to be wearing, or certain deals and steals I see online. I try and bargain hunt the best I can, as I sometimes lead a champagne lifestyle on a beer two buck chuck budget. Speaking of…

For those of you who are not blessed with Trader Joe’s, two buck chuck (wine) is probably one of the greatest items it carries (besides, greek yog, pretzel sticks, fro-yo, pumpkin granola, pumpkin butter, okay, TJ’s has it all).

I am a wine-o. I love a good glass (or two) of wine. I try and pair it with foods, and smell it and all that jazz, but I just really love the taste and the atmosphere that usually comes with it. My boyfriend’s mom work’s for a winery and I have developed a love for wine through her. Unfortunately, wine can be a tad on the expensive side, particularly in larger quantities. Enter two buck chuck. Trader Joe’s has a line of various sorts of reds and whites for $1.99. No joke. AND it actually tastes pretty darn good! I mean, I’ll gladly take some two buck chuck any day of the week. My boyfriend and I buy a bottle (or two) every week. Our current like is the White Zinfindel. Crisp, cool and PINK in color. Oh yeah, I love anything pink. And mini. Put the two together, sold.

Anyway, back to FOOD. For brekkie I whipped up a mini green monster in my fab “Shake and Take” to-go blender. This thing is AMAZING. Especially for me, who sometimes eats on the go in the AM. Here it is in all it’s blending glory 🙂

 shake and take

In the mix:
Handful or 2 of spinach
WF chocolate whey protein powder
Unsweetened vanilla almond milk
Half a frozen banana

And then I was doin’ a whole lotta shakin’ and a-takin’ 🙂

Unfortunately, this did not hold me over as much as usually. Probably because I forgot the almond butter (!!!!) So around 10 AM at work I promptly heated up a TJ’s cranberry-apple muffin. These things are the bomb.


This did not fill me up. So I ate an apple. And then I found myself walking by this horrible, evil, thing.


It is always so hard for me to resist a nutty, crunchy, chocolatey peanut m&m.

I decided to go take a walk on my lunch break because it is beautiful outside. It was warm and clear, yet the air had a distinct fall feeling to it. I love moments like this. Nature is crazy for being able to do that! I love it. I walked on over to one of my favorite places of all time: Whole Foods. Fortunately (my bank account would differ by saying ‘unforunately’) there is a Whole Foods 4 blocks from my office. I typically walk on over one or two times a week. Today I was there to buy some apples (you’re welcome Eric) and some coveted  Z Bars.

Until this weekend I had never had a Z Bar. I’ve seen them all over the blogs, but I had never bought them as I stay tried and true to my Lunas. But the other day at WF, they were on sale for $.69 each! I caved and bought the seasonal flavor of Spooky S’mores. Holy crap. This thing was SO good. I didn’t think it would keep me full for long because it’s kind of tiny, but it held me over for 3 or so hours. I had to have more. Although there were no S’mores flavors at this WF today (boo), I grabbed a Honey Graham and a Peanut Butter. I figure neither of these can go wrong.


I then found myself perusing the nut butter aisle at WF because I want to pick up a new butter. I am totally open to ideas, but I was COMPLETELY overwhelmed by my selection!


*What nut butters do you all love? Are you brand-loyal at all?*

I am about 3/4 of the way through a Costco size MaraNatha Almond Butter. This was such a deal. I think the jar was about $6 and it’s super-sized! My love.

Well, I’m off to do some work, and then hit up the gym for a nice 4-5 mile interval treadmill run.

See you all later!

in the land of all things nut

in the land of all things nut


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