Christmas Time Is Here (Well, Not Quite Yet)

Only nine more days until November 1, which means I can OFFICIALLY start listening to Christmas music!!! The fall and winter are my absolute FAVORITE times of the year. I love when September rolls around because I know I have many months ahead filled with cheer, good friends, family and food. Nom nom 🙂

I am hoping to pick up a new Christmas CD or two this year. Last year I bought Kristen Chenowith’s Christmas album. It took a while for me to fully embrace her amazing, yet whiny, voice, but after a week or so I fell in love. I also bought Faith Hill’s Christmas CD last year. That woman has a powerful voice. I love both of these albums so much and there is no doubt that these will both be blaring out of any speaker at any opportunity for a good two months (have fun Eric)!

*typing about Christmas is making me so happy!*

So this morning I was FREEZING, so I automatically knew I had to have oats. I read an interesting entry on Glamour’s Vitamin G blog about oatmeal. You can check it out here. Basically it states that oats have levels of serotonin that produces serenity. Who knew that eating oatmeal was not only filling, yummy and the best creation ever, BUT it also makes you feel good and serene at the same time! Double Triple whammy!

Oatmeal: 1
Fatty, greasy breakfast food: 0

So basically the same oatmeal that I eat everday. (Darn! I just remembered that I wanted to slice up a fuji and heat it up in the oats. Oh well, next time I suppose).

1/2 cup of oats
1/2 cup Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk
1/4 cup canned pumpkin
Cinnamon galore
Tsp. almond butter
Tsp. pumpkin butter

Swirl it all about and topped with TJ’s temptation trail mix.
Oh. My. Goodness.
Was this amazing or what. I enjoyed this little breakfast while catching up on Gossip Girl (even though I only had time to watch about 10 minutes).

I had a nice relaxing train ride this morning while I challenged my brain to a little Sudoku (yes, I play Sudoku), and then read the new issue of Women’s Health. I treasure my magazine reading moments and try and figure out the best time to read them. One of my favorite times to read magazines is on the weekend when I can truly enjoy, relax and take in all that the magazine has to offer (whether it be mentally stimulating, a lá The Weekly or Economist, or my coveted trashy US Weekly).

Women’s Health is a great magazine. It shares so many tips, tricks and insightful articles about food, health, nutrition, fashion and then some! You really should pick up a copy if you’ve never read it! The awesome staff at Women’s Health also just won an award! The were voted the Best Magazine of the Year by Advertising Age! Check it out here.

Okay so around 10ish or so I busted into my morning snack. Let me explain this photo. I was so saddened by my last trip to Trader Joe’s because of its non-existent supply of Fat Free Greek Yogurt (gasp)! I hate when this happens! Obvi it is a very popular item, and they should order more!! This happens about once a month for me. Grr. Anyway, I had to find other sources. Enter Whole Foods My Home Away From Home. I had an old coupon for $1 off an Oikos 4oz. 4-pack. I actually ADORE Oikos yogurt. Probably my favorite Greek Yogurt, but much too expensive for my liking. I thought I was getting a steal with my $1 off coupon, and my total came to $3.99 for 16 oz. of yogurt. I went to compare with my half empty TJ’s container of yogurt. This container is 16 oz. as well! And it only costs $2.79!!! I feel defeated. 😦

This was a teeny-tiny portion (I can eat greek yogurt like it’s my job–how cool of a job would that be?) Needless to say it was devoured in less than five seconds. But not before I topped it off with a mix of pumpkin spice granola, peanut butter puffins, and temptation trail mix. nom nom.

Now, I attempted something I never thought possible today.

I went to the gym on my lunch break! Ah! Now, I only say I thought it was impossible because I sweat like you wouldn’t believe (TMI, perhaps)? But I require a bit of time to put myself back together after a work out. But I managed to put in a quick 20 minute elliptical workout followed by super sets (pressed for time) of tricep pull downs and pushdowns and hammer curls. I learned this awesome little set from Mrs. Michelle Obama herself (well, technically not her per se, BUT from her trainer. Okay, fine. Through an article in Women’s Health). This is an amazing little excercise. I already notice some toning since I started doing this about a month ago. I rushed outta the gym, got myself pretty and ran back to the office to heat up my lunch.

Probably one of the most disgusting pictures ever. My apologies.

Simple whole wheat spaghetti with grilled veggie pasta sauce. This was exactly what I was craving.

Shortly after I received a package in the mail! I absolutely LOVE getting mail. It’s probably one of the greatest feelings ever. I received the cutest Halloween card from my grandparents! The card is adorable, and it even came with Trader Joe’s giftcards!!!

Do my grandparents know how to make a girl happy or what?

Welp, I am in a rush and may not have time to blog tonight since I want to spend some time with the boy (as I practically neglected him altogether last night because I was too busy uploading pictures and blogging, oops).

Thank you all for reading and listening to me ramble. I really do appreciate it! ❤

Aufwedersehen (Project Runway tonight)!


2 thoughts on “Christmas Time Is Here (Well, Not Quite Yet)

  1. catrina says:

    are you the one who keep stealing all of the 0% greek yogurt tubs from trader joe’s!? i normally have to go at least twice to get my weekly supply because they sell out so often! 😛

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