Where are my headphones?

Good morning!

I totally have the shopping bug right now. About everyone I see on the streets has me thinking about boots, scarves, sweaters, purses, oh my! Oh, but I suppose I can live up to the “frugalista,” name right, Target? It’s hard when I get bombarded with emails from places like J. Crew and Piperlime (I guess I can just unsubscribe to these…but where’s the fun in that)?

glitter cardigan from j crew

cute glitter cardigan from j crew $89

mossimo boots from Target

mossimo boots from Target $30 (what a steal! I may have to indulge)








So anyway, last night was pretty low key. I was pretty darn tired for some reason. Both mentally and physically. I didn’t want to do anything but sit my but on the couch, drink some vino and catch up on Gossip Girl. So that is precisely what I did.


I made myself a sad (but amazing) little dinner of greek yogurt, granola, puffins and trail mix. For some reason I just wasn’t all that hungry. Perhaps it was the massive amounts of veggies I consumed when I barged in the door, starving, only an hour earlier (sorry no pics, but I’m sure you catch the drift).

I woke up feeling mighty hungry so after I got myself ready I made a simple, yet deliciously satisfying breakfast.


Almond butter and banana toast with a side of strawberries and grapes

This was the most satisfying breakfast I’ve had in quite some time! And a good two hours later I am still feeling stuffed (talk to me in about 30 minutes and we’ll see if that still holds true). 😉

After that all was well until I realized I have NO idea where my headphones are!!! This was realized right before I was going to get on the train. I can live without headphones, yes, but it screws up my morning ritual of listening to Ryan Seascreast on I Heart Radio on the way to work! This is one of my guilty pleasures and reason number 1,435 why I miss So Cal (as Ryan Seacreast hosts a morning radio show in LA). It also makes running that much more difficult. I have plans to hit the gym here in my office building after work, but I suppose I will have to leave my music behind. Tear, tear.

Welp, I’m outta here for now. Hopefully I will have something more interesting to write later on. My mind is just a little blank right now (still waking up and still sipping my coffee).



One thought on “Where are my headphones?

  1. sofia says:

    Okay, two things that make this entry so awesome:

    1) Love the Mossimo Target boots. Those will be on my shopping radar this weekend.

    2) Love your super delicious breakfast idea. Now I don’t have to have a boring bagel every morning. Hooray!

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