♫ Sugah, awww, honey honey… ♫

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First off…


The morning started off right. Green monster style.


This bad boy had handfuls of spinach, almond milk, chocolate protein powder, half a frozen banana, sprinkle of oats, and a Tbsp. of “Better Than Peanut Butter.” Oh how I adore these. Sometimes I don’t like to make them because I feel as though I am “drinking” my breakfast, which is usually no fun for me, because I like to savor each and every bite. But this morning I was not that hungry, so it was perfection.

I will spare you all the details of my morning snack, which has been the exact same the past three days. Greek yogurt with puffins, trail mix and pumpkin spice granola. Instead of a yogurt picture, here is a picture of this fab shirt I got on clearance at Banana Republic last week! Totally into the plaid right now.


So, I subscribe to the “Eat This Not That” email newsletter that I get every day. Today’s email was about sugar consumption. It posted an interesting, yet astounding fact: “The average American is wolfing down 460 calories from added sugars every day. That’s more than 100 pounds of raw sugar per person per year (enough to make 3,628 Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups!).”

*chin drops to floor*

What’s scary is that yes, many foods contain sugar and its fine to have in moderation, a cookie, cupcake, or even the amazing LARABARS (swoon) contain high levels of sugar, BUT the real culprits are the “healthy” food. Things such as whole grain bread and pasta sauces are laced with HFCS (high fructose corn syrup), just for preservative reasons! Oh, and also because HFCS is BEYOND cheap to make and use. Click here to see the “20 Biggest Sugar Bombs.” It’s crazzzzyy!

Disclaimer: I am by no means a registered dietician or nutritionist!

For my lunch I decided to be the best girlfriend ever and head on over to Borders to by my sweet boy a new book he has had his eye on. He just finished a book last night (over 1,000 pages!) so I wanted to get him something new! Just because 🙂


Apparently this book was made into a movie and is being released on November 25 (starring Viggo Mortensen and Charlize Theron). It actually looks quite good, yet depressing. The author also wrote No Country For Old Men which I LOVED (albeit all the creepiness). So needless to say, I am excited for this!

While I walked to Borders I realized just how gorgeous it was outside. I managed to snap a picture of the AT&T ball park where the Giants play.


I love the palm trees–okay I JUST realized that the palm trees did not make it into this picture. But they were there, I swear! (reminds me of my days at Pepperdine where the main drive was lined with palm trees). I then came back to prepare this oh-so heavenly lunch you see here.


Sliced pear with goat cheese toasted on an Arnold sandwich thin (I removed the spinach because it took away the flavor of the goat cheese). Holy yum. I love me my cheese.

While I ate I found this interesting article about California in TIME. It went on to talk about how California gets a bad rap for staggering unemployment rates, crazy out of control wildfires, the budget crisis, (okay this is a pretty big deal, not going to lie—fix this Ange!) threatening to close many National Parks, and illegal immigration, just to name a few. This article goes into detail about how California, “The Golden State,” is nowhere near slowing down or getting tossed aside in this economical and political crazed world. As some of these facts are true (uhm, hello, budget anyone?), many are skewed. Where would the Google-loving society and die-hard Apple fanatics be if it weren’t for SILICON VALLEY, hmm?? Think about that you California-haters (I say this as nicely as possible).  Maybe I am a bit biased because I live in the wonderful state, but I LOVED this article. I do suggest you read it!

I also am obsessed with the California commercials. My boyfriend would know, because every time they come on the TV I promptly say, “Oh I love these commercials!” I’m not annoying or anything. I swear.

Around 4 o’clock my hunger was bugging me so I broke into this.

IMG_0647I did not like this flavor as much as the S’mores flavor! Boo 😦

I eventually got home and Eric and I took a trip to Whole Foods. Where we may or may not have partaken in some Miley Cyrus.


I leave you with a toast to Champagne Friday here in the Papenhausen-Haar residence!


*yes we are classy and use wine glasses instead of champagne flutes*

And only one more day to go until Hocus Pocus is on ABC Family! Yes, I will most likely be spending my Saturday night watching this amazing movie in my PJ’s, glass of wine in hand, and boyfriend in tow. Oh how I love my life. 🙂


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