All Things Pumpkin

So I neglected any posting last night. I was so tired and not in the mood to do ANYTHING by the time I got done running errands. I will do a quick recap here this morning.

So yesterday I talked myself into running an easy 4 miles, just to get my legs moving (and to ward off the copious amounts of thai food and pumpkin pie from the night before). It was a beautiful morning to be running outside. It is definitely fall and I love it. I came back to make myself a quick protein filled breakfast.


*two egg whites with laughing cow cheese and spinach with a piece of ezekiel toast with butter*

(now I know why I was so darn hungry after I ate this. This was hardly ANYTHING to eat. Oops)

Unfortunately I was still famished by the time I left to run errands, so I munched on a handful of trail mix. This stuff is like candy. Please do not buy this from Trader Joe’s unless you plan on snacking on it continuously throughout the day. I clearly have no restraint.

trail mix

I then set out for Target by myself while Eric went to the gym. You don’t let me loose in a Target by myself with no time restraints or anything. It is VERY dangerous. Luckily I managed to do quite well, and just pick up (mostly) necessities.

When I came back Eric was home and we split a bag of Trader Joe’s Lite Kettle Corn (unpictured). This stuff is to die for. It comes in 6 individual sized bags-perfect for a snack on the go. We then headed out to run some more errands and grocery stop. Somehow we found ourselves at the mall. And swimming in all things pumpkin.


We FINALLY got a Pumpkin Spice Latte (well, decaf, 2 pump, soy, no whip, with foam, pumpkin spice latte…I didn’t work at Starbucks or anything). We then walked around the mall and I fell in love with everything in J Crew. Oh how I wish I had money to buy out the entire store. Here are 3 things I’m currently obsessing over:


After the mall we decided to wander around Whole Foods and I munched on a non-fat vegan blackberry scone. These things are AMAZING. Seriously. If your Whole Foods has them in the bakery, buy one. And eat it right now. You will not regret this. See how I couldn’t even manage to take a picture before I wolfed it down?


After feeling more than content we realized we needed to find Halloween costumes because we would not have ANY time this week. We went on over to Goodwill and I was immediately inspired by ONE item that I found and instantly bought. This will remain a secret until the end of the week, but it is pretty darn amazing. Oh, and Eric is going to be Indiana Jones! So good. He found a perfect hat, snake and a whip. We just need to get him a billow-y white shirt and some more accessories and he will be set.

We had a low key night that consisted of Hocus Pocus and Amazing Race. My kind of night.

I munched on some sweet potato fries, a turkey and laughing cow cheese panini and a salad with balsamic vinegar, baby heirloom tomatoes and cheese.

(this is a pretty bad picture, I apologize. I was just SO ready to eat).


Not the most exciting dinner, but it was pretty darn good. Oh, and a glass of merlot. Perfection.


And one of the “necessities” I mentioned earlier:

ice cream
*Pumpkin Ice-Cream*


Well I am off to work, I will see you lovlies latttteerr. Have a Happy Monday!!!


2 thoughts on “All Things Pumpkin

  1. catrina says:

    i want pumpkin ice cream. did you make it? and i love starbucks pumpkin spice lattes, but that syrup! could they make it tasty without the three pounds of sugar?!?! luckily, if they just do a pump or two it is still good. i have a great recipe for pumpkin choco chip cookies…if you would be interested. i love all things pumpkin.

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