Sarah’s Rants (Reader Beware)

So, I’ve seen the famous Stonyfield Pumpkin Pie flavored yogurt around the blogosphere, and I’ve been DYING to get my hands on it! I cannot find it ANYWHERE! I look at every Whole Foods and grocery store I set foot in, but never any Pumpkin Pie yogurt! Where are you?!!? Come to me, please?

Has anyone tried this? How does it taste and where did you get it?!?!

Okay, thanks for that little rant. I am better.

Breakfast was a bit of a bust this morning. I made a usual green monster, except since I did not have any bananers I used a 1/2 cup of frozen “berry medley” instead. Bad idea. Apparently spinach, chocolate protein powder and berries don’t mesh and love each other as much as bananas, spinanch and chocolate protein powder. Blech. It was not horrible, but definetely not super enjoyable, but I drank it anyway because I needed fuel. I also tacked on half a whole wheat english muffin with almond butter+pumpkin butter. Thank goodness for that little afterthought 🙂



*this actually did keep me full* hurraah

This morning on my way to work I found myself to be super excited for my post-work run (shocker), but unforunately I had to pound out the day before I could unleash all of my fury on the treadmill. Around 10AM (like clockwork) my tummy started grumbling. It was time to bust out a TJ’s cranberry-apple muffin.


It is becoming so very clear to me that I eat practically the SAME few things for snacks during the day. I just cannot bear to part with my greek yogurt, but I think I am going to try and swap out the muffins for something else, but today I will use it as an excuse because I need carbs for my workout 🙂

Heated that baby up in the microwave for about 45 seconds. It was all warm and tart and fabulous. I devoured it in about 2 minutes. Sad.

I enjoyed my muffin with a mug of Irish Breakfast Tea.


I had no idea that there was such a thing. I have always heard of English Breakfast Tea, but apparently the tea makers did not want to discriminate! It’s funny because I was trying to determine the difference between the two and they boxes literally say the EXACT same thing. So I wonder if they really are just trying to squeeze more pennies out of people while simultaneously being politically correct and fair? Hmm. Ponder this thought folks.

Anywho, lunchtime quickly approached after I spent much of my morning catching up on my fellow bloggers. Before I forget, Danica has a baller cookie giveaway going on right now. Do you all remember those pink and white circus cookies that are absolutely amazing and devilishly addicting? Well you could be the proud owner of a free bag of those if you win!!

So, on to lunch: (damn you Jillian Michaels for looking way too amazing on the cover of Health magazine)


*leftover yellow chicken curry, 1/2 cup of brown rice, cucumber salad and a delicious pear*

Unfortunately the curry was extremely oily (much oiler than the other night), but I ate it anyway.

No afternoon snacky today because lunch kept me super full!!! So when 5:30 (finally) rolled around I booked it to the gym to hopefully find a treadmill! Which I did! Score!

I am a fan of this particular workout that I found from Tina at Carrots’N’Cake. Basically, it looks like this and this is what I did:

45 Minute Treadmill Workout (altered to my fitting):

0-5 minutes: 6mph/1% incline
5-7 minutes: 6.5mph/2% incline
7-9 minutes: 6.5mph/4% incline
9-11 minutes: 6.5pmh/6% incline
11-16 minutes: 5.5mph/8% incline
16-21 minutes: 7mph/3% incline
21-22 minutes: 6.5pmh/2% incline
22-23 minutes: 8mph/2% incline
23-24 minutes: 6.5pmh/2% incline
24-25 minutes: 8mph/2% incline
25-26 minutes: 6.5pmh/2% incline
26-27 minutes: 8mph/2% incline
27-29 minutes: 5.5mph/8% incline
29-31 minutes: 6mph/6% incline
31-33 minutes: 6.5mph/4% incline
33-35 minutes: 7 mph/2% incline
35-38 minutes: 7.5mph/2% incline
38-40 minutes: 7mph/2% incline
40-45 minutes: 5mph/1% incline

If you are looking to be a sweaty hot mess after your workout, this will surely do the trick. The changing of speed and incline is great for your muscles and also to keep you getting crazy bored on the treadmill (which I often do).  And thank you Tina for giving me this workout! 🙂 My stats ended up being 45 minutes with a total distance of 4.68 miles. Yahooooo!!!

Okay. Now’s time for my second rant of this post. (sorry all!)

I don’t “diet” at all, by any means. I try and eat only when I’m hungry and stop eating when I feel content, not stuffed and try and eat a balnced diet. And I usually do a pretty darn good job of this. But every so often I beat myself up over what I eat or don’t eat at any given time.

This also goes hand in hand with my slight exercising problem. There are days or weeks at a time where I am super content with the amount of physical activity I get, and I love it. Sometimes I think I can even cut it down and I’d be golden. BUT other times (such as now) I feel as though I am in a slump and need to keep moving and tack on more miles or workout 6 or 7 days a week–more than normal to make up for the previously mentioned food that I sometimes beat myself up over.

I absolutely HATE when I get like this becuase I know that I am perfectly healthy, happy and don’t need to worry about weight and exercise. Then why does this happen? Who knows. Blame it on stress, on PMS, on whatever it may be, but I get in this rut for a day or so (usually) and then I snap out of it. I don’t know why I do this because it usually leaves me feeling unhappy and unfufilled.

So like I said, nothing “triggers” these feelings. I don’t step on a scale and see a scary high number or look in the mirror and see something I don’t like. Like I said, I am PERFECTLY proud and happy with what I have been given and what I have worked for. Grr, it is a constant battle with myself at times, but it feels good to get it out here! For instance, today I felt like I needed to run further than I usually do on Tuesdays because I was not happy with what I had for lunch. I did not do this because a) I don’t have enough time to catch my train and b) I will not succumb to that nonsense!!! Stay strong Sarah and ward off that evil treadmill and be thankful for your legs that carry you four or five miles. It is amazing that I have legs to do this, and a body that has endurance and energy. Okay, I’m done. I swear 🙂

So by the time I got home I was lazy and tired (but happy). Surprise, surprise. I also am never dangerously hungry after I work out, so I ended up eating some Greek yogurt. Surprise, surprise yet again.


*greek yogurt, puffins, chopped up apple (new addition for me), Kashi go lean crunchers*

Faboosh in a bowl. I am a happy girl. My lovely boy also brought me more goodies in the form of mini Lunas and Mojo bars. There is some health/exercise expo thingy going on on his campus and they are handing these out like candy (which they TOTALLY are).

Of course I had some dark chocolate for antioxidant purposes, obvi and now I am off to cozy up with my book and boy. But not before the boy indulged in a halloween cupcake!


*don’t mess with him and his sweets*

Thanks again for reading my crazy rants, and tomorrow is Wednesday already! YAY! I am having lunch with one of my good friends, so that will for sure put a big smile on my face!


One thought on “Sarah’s Rants (Reader Beware)

  1. catrina says:

    Exercise, food, body image….a strange battle I’m also in with myself, I understand. I think all women our age struggle with body image! I’m at the other end of the spectrum than you, but, I understand. Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t. 😛 I find myself dwelling on ridiculous things that are inconsequential, but, at the time, they are important to me! I’m beginning to think the whole go around is hormonal. I will be like “come on, why did you eat that?” and get mad at myself. What good does that do…punishing yourself!? I just have to talk myself down and realize that no one is perfect and a little chocolate never killed anyone. 🙂

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