Lemon Cookie Ice Cream Rocks My World


I wish I knew about this momentous holiday before this mornings breakfast.

Given I was as cold as ice. Brr. Hence the jacket and scarf and not removing either for the duration of my train ride.


*handful or two of spinach, 1/2 cup almond breeze, 1 scoop chocolate protein powder, 1/2 frozen banana, 1 tbsp. almond butter*

My sweet oats would have been a treat AND I would have honored this coveted holiday. My sincerest apologies oatmeal. Please forgive me?

So I did the unthinkable this morning….

Ran 5.17 miles before work! I set my alarm for 4:30 and miraculously woke up and obeyed the incessant beeping noise and stumbled out the door to the gym. Here’s evidence!!!


And I did a quick superset of tricep pull downs and push downs, hammer curls and shoulder and lateral raises. Ouch.

Basically I decided to get up and get my workout over with because I did ZERO of my to-do list I was so enthusiastic about yesterday. Oops. So as soon as I get home I am going to dominate that list.

I brought my computer with me to work today, so hopefully I will have a few posts up today! I found its nicer to try and break up the day because in the end there is always so much I want to say, and so much that you all probably don’t want to read! So hopefully this will make our world’s easier 🙂

10AM rolled around and once again I found myself enjoying an apple cranberry muffin a la Trader Joe’s, and a bit of the SF Chronicle (damn you Bay Bridge, fix yourself).


So every other week some people in the office order food and I get in on that biz-nass. Free food, can’t pass that up. So today it was ordered from a Thai restaurant (Thai food two times in one week, I am one über lucky gal). I ordered some veggie tofu boiled thing with some peanut sauce on the side. OMG I have never seen so much peanut sauce before. I’m glad it was on the side and not doused all over my veggies making it a veggie tofu peanut soup? Wait, that sounds delish. Anywhooo…

Before sauce


After sauce (okay so A LOT more was added after this photo. I may as well just have poured it all on there to begin with).


After eating all but mushrooms.


Ew. I hate mushrooms. These in particular brought me back to my Mario-playing days. Okay, so I still do play Mario when I go home. It’s the best.

To my sweet surprise there was some random ice cream social going on in the lobby of my building (sign me up!) so of course I partook in this. Turns out the ice cream is organic (score), locally made (double score), and produced in a sustainable manner (triple score). Oh and they had a lemon cookie flavor (A MILLION TIMES SCORE). Lemon. Cookie. Ice cream. What a genius idea. So obvi I got some, and ate it all.


I could barely get a pic in before I devoured it. If you are interested the company is called Three Twins Ice Cream and the ice cream is made in Napa

(wine making country+ice cream making country=Sarah’s new relocation plan). Ready. Set. Go.

Alright loveeeees, I am off to finish the afternoon, but I’ll be bahck (said in the voice of Arnold).



2 thoughts on “Lemon Cookie Ice Cream Rocks My World

  1. sofia says:

    Three twins ice cream rocks! Who would have guessed organic ice cream could taste so good!

    As much as I love your posts about food, pleeease write some about fashion as well. You have a great style, and I would love to see some of your outfit ideas on this blog!

    Keep it up! 🙂

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