Hola amigas (and perhaps amigos? Probably just my boyfriend). Sorry for my absence last night. I had a million things to do.

So before I get on with the rest of this post I have decided to post a picture of my outfit for the day. Per the request of a lovely co-worker of mine I give you my outfit! She is very sweet and seems to think I have great fashion sense (thanks Sofia), and is quite into fashion herself. As I have previously mentioned, I love clothes and trying to piece together outfits with things I already own for the most budget-friendly, yet cute and unique look.


  • Dress: On sale at Banana Republic
  • Jewelry: mix of Forever, Banana, and Nordstrom Rack
  • Tights: J Crew
  • Shoes: Cathy Jean

Thank goodness this outfit came together nicely because my alarm never went off!!!!  I decided to look at the time and it happened to be 6:30 AM. I had set my alarm for 5:30 AM. I was a mess this morning. Rushing around everywhere, but thankfully I had prepared my outfit the night before! Phew!

And speaking of clothes and accesories, I wanted to show you all this funny little chart my boyfriend made using a program through Excel. It is basically determining whether or not he should break down and treat me to a new purse or nothing at all!


Here’s the back-story: So a few years ago Eric surprised me by taking me to the mall and letting me pick out a purse (every girl’s dream, right)? This purse then counted towards Christmas, our anniversary (2 weeks after Christmas), Valentine’s Day, my graduation and birthday. These all fell within about 6 months of each other. So instead of getting me little things at each event he thought he would go all out once on something he KNEW I would like. Smart move Eric, smart move. So we have been in talks about doing something like this again. So Eric made this fancy little chart, and it basically calculated that it is in his best interest to in fact treat me to another purse. Can’t go turn our backs on trusty excel programs now can we? 😉 Didn’t think so.

Yesterday’s Eats:

After my fantastic ice cream coma I was pretty stuffed for a while. But then I remembered I had packed an apple and my brain took the reigns of my stomach. I wanted that apple! I decided to make it a challenge and cut the apple into wedges to make eating it more fun. Does anyone else agree that it is more fun to eat an apple in sliced wedges than just straight up off the core?


So I started to dig in. Sort of.

Warning: do not try this at home. This task proves to be quite difficult with a plastic knife. After a while I gave up and ended up with half an untampered apple, some sad little wedges, and some equally sad cubes. Oh well. It was still delicious.


I may or may not have finished the rest of this mini Mojo bar as well.


This was my first time trying one of these and I can safely say I am hooked.

After work I HAD to go to Target. I say ‘had’ because I actually really did, I swear. It wasn’t one of my “Oh, well I need want x y z, so I’ll go to Target” and end up picking up a million other things. Do you think they have a 12-step program for Target addicts? Sign me up. But anyway, I had to pick up a prescription, so I was allowed to browse, right? I also picked up a bag o’ marshmallows for these popcorn bars that I was made last night for Eric’s family for Halloween.

How cute is this skirt? See this is what I mean by Target being dangerous.


I came home, unloaded, poured a glass of merlot and started cooking dinner/lunch for tomorrow.

I decided to make yet another burrito since the one the other night was so bomb diggity.

In the bad-ass burrito:

  • Black beans
  • Cheese
  • Garlic powder
  • 2 slices of honey turkey

Topped of with some greek yogurt. And some cha-cha-cheeettaahhs. Nom Nom.




Simple, yet mouth-watering. Kinda like everything I make. Not difficult at all, but more than satisfying.

After din-din I decided to make these popcorn bars via Real Simple. Basically they are like rice krispie treats but with popcorn!

I found this cute bag of Halloween marshmallows at Target.


Into a pot they go with 2 tbsp. of buttahhh (Paula Deene style).


I thought this would be so cute because the popcorn bars would have orange, black and white marshmallows all laced throughout. I was so wrong.


It was just a brown yuck mess (duh. Why didn’t I bother to think all the colors would meld together? Oh because I’m an idiot).

And here is the finished product!


I leave you with some photos of last year’s make shift Halloween costumes. (Thank you Joann’s for providing me with yards and yards of sparkly white fabric at such a low price).




Oh and look at this little goody bag full of yummy sugary treasures I found at my desk when I walked in this morning!  I am a sucker for Caramel Apple Pops (pun most definitely intended) and smarties. My absolute fave.




2 thoughts on “TGIF!

  1. sofia says:

    Yay to outfit of the day! I am pretty sure I am not the only one who seems to think you have fabulous sense of fashion (somebody please back me up please!). Adorable BR dresss, and I will have to get my hands on that super cute Target skirt this weekend. Thanks darling. Keep it up!

    P.S. Your boyfriend is pretty awesome btw! 🙂

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