Margarita, My Love

Quick little post here because I am a BIZ-AY girl. Well, not entirely, BUT I am spending some time with Eric’s family, so I must not neglect them πŸ™‚ Last night was oh-so fun as there was lots of good food, drinks, family and friends (cheesy but SO true).

I will say that some fantastic margaritas were involved.


I just cannot pass up Eric’s margaritas. They are the best margaritas known to mankind. I promise. He does not use any of that nasty HFCS laden mix. Hallelujah. All natural (as natural as margs come at least).

But first, I’ll show you some pics of what my afternoon involved:


*greek yogurt mess with peanut butter puffins, kashi go lean and trail mix*this smarties roll times two (ignore the nasty chipped nail polish)*


*iced coffee with no-sugar added vanilla from Coffee Bean*
is it sad that I walked WAY out of my way to go to this particular coffee place because I had a giftcard?


*Left-over cheetahs with grape tomatoes and an open faced honey turkey, laughing cow, mustard, tomato, and spinach sandwich on TJ’s faux Ezekiel bread*

My afternoon was very uneventful so I was super excited to find Eric waiting to pick me up at the train station after I got off work so we could start the par-tay! And by party I mean hang out with his mom and step-dad and Catrina (a co-worker of Eric’s mom). Yes. We are that cool. The evening started with some of these:


I don’t know if you have ever had these, but these are some of the BEST crackers I have ever had. I know they sell these babies at Whole Foods in a few different flavors. I highly recommend them. Especially when you have some fantastic cheeses and nuts to go along side the crack-ers.


The cheeses were some kind of gouda, brie and my favorite Humboldt Fog goat cheese (this cheese is the white cheese in the back with a little green line running through it). OMG. To die for.

Dinner was a wonderful mix of halibut, swordfish, steamed asparagus, rice, some amazing cheesy bread casserole and a lovely pomegrante blue cheese salad (sorry the pictures are so dark)!



And then there was some of this:


I just cannot resist champagne. Ugh. It is a weakness of mine. Clearly Friday is my night to indulge in all spirits.

After dinner we played this wine trivia game, similar to that of the Game of Life. In the game you have to answer questions related to wine and wine making and you collect money. Once you have some money you can than buy acres to harvest your wine. Once you buy acres you can buy a certain amount of tons to produce the wine, and then you sell the tons for bottles and finally sell your bottles for money. Whoever has the most money in the ends wins!


In the end I wound up winning (although I know nothing about wine. Just luck I suppose). The night was topped off with amazing pumpkin pie from Whole Foods and half of a skinny cow ice cream sandwich, and copious amounts of whipped cream.


*nom nom*

I just got back from my weekly long run and am currently enjoying a cup of coffee waiting for Eric to get back from the gym because his car stole my hairdryer and brush. So I can’t do a whole lot until he gets back, but it allowed for proper blogging time!

I use the free RunKeeper app for my iPhone to track my distance and pace. I just realized that you can go on their website and get a heck of a lot more information about your run. Including split times! I ran 7.5 miles in 59:14 minutes. Oh it was hard. And around mile 6 I stopped in one of my FAVORITE stores in the cutesy downtown area for a few minutes to cheer me up! My splits are as follows:

mi pace climb (ft)
1 7:46 0
2 8:01 5
3 7:35 4
4 7:40 14
5 7:55 12
6 8:07 17
7 8:23 100
8 7:33

Averaging a 7:54 minute mile. I am actually quite shocked! Except some of the run was downhill, so that would explain the speed. Anywho, I am off to get myself glamified for the day. Hope you all had/have a safe and happy halloween!!

Ciao bellas! β™₯


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