I’ll Make You Pumpkin Pancakes

So  not only was yesterday Halloween, it was also Thanksgiving at Williams Sonoma. I don’t know if you all ever go into that store, and if you do you realize that they tend to sample things randomly. Well this is exactly what happened yesterday at the mall. Eric and I had our own mini Thanksgiving feast. This plate consisted of baby-sized portions of mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing and cranberry sauce. Oh it was heaven in my mouth. I cannot wait for Thanksgiving and all of the yummy food to go along with it! I could eat this food any day of the year. It brings warmth to my soul.


We had to make a trip to the mall because it was Eric’s stepmom’s birthday, and we needed to get her a present! We ended up getting her a super cute Lolita wineglass. These are hand painted wine glasses, and each are unique and pertain to certain holidays or occasions. The particular one we got her had painted holly and berries with gold glitter. Oh, and she LOVED the gift. I have a little collection of my own that I will have to photograph one of these days for the bloggie. After we left the mall I was famished from the morning’s run, so I munched on a mini Luna Bar, Lemon Zest style. Perfect amount of tarty lemon-ness.


Where else would we go after the mall but WHOLE FOODS (yes we spend a lot most all of our free time there). I had a blueberry muffin and an iced coffee from Peet’s Coffee. Totally hit the spot. This muffin was so moist, and the blueberries were very prominent so I was highly satisfied.


After my belly was nice and full it was time to carve pumpkins! I ended up using a pattern (cop out perhaps) of Cinderella’s castle.


After an afternoon of carving it was time for a nice home cooked meal.

  • salad with avocado, onion, mushroom (ew), corn and chicken with light balsamic vinegarette dressing
  • curried corn chowder (I must get this recipe and share on here because it is healthy and delicious)


It was a perfect fall meal. Shortly after dinner it was time to get all costume-ified. I present you with Mr. Indiana Jones and Miss Hannah Montana.



It was a last minute costume choice for me, and it all fell into place when I found this amazingly tacky purple jacket from Goodwill. It screamed Hannah Montana and it was only $4.99. I was sold.

Throughout the night there was plenty of chocolate and candy eating, but this was one of my favorites. Dove dark chocolate.


It’s not Halloween without some Pumpkin Ale! This was SO good.


Eric and I took his little sister Ashley trick or treating through the neighborhood. She was a beautiful rendition of Snow White. When she walked around outside she even held up her own dress so she didn’t walk on it. So freakin’ cute.


You would think after running around for hours and playing catch and chasing Eric, the little three year old would pass out. Nope, Sarah passed out first. At 10 PM. I’m cool like that. I was so tired and extra excited to get another hour of sleep! I heart daylight savings time. As we speak I am all thrown off and am about to fall asleep, yet it is only 8:45PM. Hmm. I’m just channeling my inner-old woman. It’s what I do.

Since there was a birthday in the house I took the liberty of making pumpkin pancakes! I found a random recipe online and dove in. In this dry mixture is

  • 2 cups of flour (did not have access to whole wheat, so I used white)
  • 2 tbsp. packed brown sugar
  • 1/2 tsp. salt
  • 1 tsp. cinnamon
  • 1/2 tsp. allspice
  • 1/2 tsp. ginger


In the wet mixture was:

  • 2 cups of 1% milk
  • 1 cup of pumpkin
  • 1 tsp. vanilla extract


I mixed the two together and began pouring the mixture into pancakes. A few of the pancakes were topped with chocolate chips!


These pancakes actually turned out really good and moist from the pumpkin. I had about 1.5 of these topped with maple syrup and cool whip. You can find this recipe here.

So today was pretty low key. I went to the gym to try and get a good workout in, but my stomach was not in it (No, I was not hungover). I ended up running a very slow 3 miles and called it a day. Eric and I then spent the afternoon at Whole Foods (no really, I wish being at Whole Foods was my job) catching up on worldly events in the form of US Weekly. Accompanied by iced coffee and half of an apple cranberry muffin and vegan blackberry scone. Yum yum.



We eventually made our way back home after running some errands and grocery shopped. Eric had to go to a group meeting for school so I was able to cuddle up and watch some much needed 90210 and Melrose Place. My tummy started growling around 6:30, whish is early for me, but then I realized that my stomach thought it was 7:30. So I made myself a hugh-jass salad.

In the mix:

  • romaine and spinach
  • corn
  • black beans
  • onions
  • crushed baked blue corn tortilla chips
  • reduced fat cheddar cheese
  • avocado
  • salsa


This was exactly what I was craving. It filled me up and I plan on taking some with me to work tomorrow. So be prepared to see this make an appearance tomorrow.

Now it’s time to kick back and watch the Amazing Race and wind down before the start of yet another work week. But on the upside, its officially time for Christmas music! YAY!

I hope you all had a fun and safe Halloween! Happy November!


3 thoughts on “I’ll Make You Pumpkin Pancakes

  1. andrealmccarthy says:

    Umm, so can I please tell you that I wanted to carve cinderella’s coach in my pumpkin!?! Ah great minds – although i didn’t end up carving because my pumpkin is a baby and I want it to last until thanksgiving!

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