Tea Day

So this morning I was actually ahead of myself (which almost never happens). It is also Tuesday, which means Eric gets up with me, yay!

Combine the two and a cup of vanilla honey chai tea and you have a happy girl at 6:15 in the morning.


I admit it was nice to have some down time in the morning, where I am usually getting myself together, eating breakfast and heading out the door. Really no down time. So this was more than pleasant πŸ™‚

I whipped up another green monster to fuel my body with leafy greens and protein for my run tonight.



(ugly mess)



(still an ugly mess)

So last night I burnt my tongue trying to make sure my dinner was hot enough. Apparently it was. I hate the feeling of a burnt tongue. Not only do you not get to taste flavors, but its just down right uncomfortable. So I am dealing with that nasty feeling. How long does it take to go away anyway? So most of my eats throughout the day were not fully enjoyed. Sad 😦

Moving on to snacky time.

The usual suspects found themselves upon my desk this morning.


And formed a perfect harmony of flavors and crunch.

I also accompanied my greek yogurt mess with a cup of Starbucks china green tips tea. That “sore” throat I was feeling yesterday came about a little today, but I drank this and all was well.


Lunch time rolled around rather quickly (yes!) and I had a ho-hum lunch consisting of leftover pasta mess from last night. It actually tasted a lot better as leftovers. It gave the cheeses and yogurt time to thicken up and combine with the noodles and veggies. Nom nom.


I was actually quite bored at lunch and was glad when it finally ended. It means I can reconnect with the world via my trusty desktop (so sad, but so true). I was happy to find that one of my oldest friends has a blog!! She actually has had it for quite some time, but recently has tried to write more often and I about died when I read it! She really is one of the funniest people I know, and to be able to read her thoughts is an amazing treat to my day. If you feel so compelled you can find her blog here. (See what happens when you connect yourself online, youΒ discover things)!

I became hungry again around 3 PM when I munched on this apple.


I’m not sure what kind of apple it is as it came in our office’s bi-weekly fruit delivery service! Honestly one of the great perks of working here. I usually get first pick becuase it is sent up front where I sit. Today I picked out an apple and a fuyu persimmon!!!


I had my first persimmon last weekend at Whole Foods, and I adore them! They are crunchy and just a tad sweet. Apparently you can eat the fuyu kinds just like you would an apple! I may have to try and figure out some kind of recipe that involves my precious little persimmon.

Afternoon snack: fruit and Yogi Antioxidant Green Tea (I had 4 cups of tea today)!



Anywho, work ended around 5:30 and I booked it to the gym! I forgot my lock today so I ended up just lugging all my crap and leaving it by the treadmill. I’m pretty sure gyms frown upon this, but I don’t want to leave my stuff unattended in a locker!! I ended up running 5 miles in about 43 minutes. It was hard. For the first two miles the muscles behind my shins (not shin splints I swear) literally felt like they were ripping in half. When they started to feel better my arches started to cramp up. Perhaps because I was compensating for my shins? Who knows, but it ended up going away about halfway through my run. But the first half was extremely difficult. Blah. Afterwards I wanted to try and do some arm work, but I did not really have time 😦  I am always so pressed for time at the gym during the week, so any little thing I can squeeze in would be fab. Do any of you have any quick arm workouts that you can share with me??

I did not have any time to stretch either. So I made due and attempted to stretch on the train.


Yes, I got some strange looks (even stranger looks when I took a picture of myself stretching), but hey, a girl’s gotta go what a girl’s gotta do.


Rockin’ the halloween socks a little late I suppose. Oh well, they still make me happy πŸ™‚

I came home pretty famished so I made some cheetahs because I have an abundance of sweet potatoes that I got from Trader Joe’s last week. I paired these with some of the leftover salad from Sunday night.



And a little vino for good measure πŸ™‚


I was still hungry and wanted some protein so I had some greek yogurt and fruit.


And you all know that pumpkin ice cream is a MAJOR source of protein, right? Yeah, well, tonight it most definitely was.


Now I am wiped out and about to hit the hay. Good night my beautiful bloggy bloggers.

I leave you with a fabulous quote (thanks Real Simple).

“The secret to staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age.” -Lucille Ball


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