Oh Happy Day

Today was a good day. πŸ™‚

It started out rough as I unwillingly woke up to my alarm at 4:30 AM to spend some quality one-on-one time with the treadmill. It was actually not as difficult as I thought it would be–especially after the glass and a half of wine I had last night (phew). I ran 5 miles in about 42 minutes or so. I managed to squeeze in some tricep pulldowns and some push ups while using a bosu ball. These are killer by the way. If you have a bosu, place it so the round part is on the ground, and then grab the sides with your hands and do some pushups!! It totally utilizes your core. I already feel it.

I came back home, showered and got myself together. I was in a bit of a rush, so it was time for another green monster. As you have seen many green monsters recently, I did not take a picture of this morning’s edition. Although a little TJ’s Pumpkin Butter made a cameo, and I can defienetly say that it will have a re-occuring role (unlike Ashlee Simpson-Wentz on Melrose Place–thank goodness she is off that show). Sorry for my minor trashy TV slip up there πŸ˜‰

I got on the train only to realize I forgot my morning snack 😦 tear tear. So I did the next best thing. Booked it to the Safeway right across the street from the train station. I was hoping to find a mini pack of Sabra hummus and pretzels, but they didn’t carry it at this Safeway, so I went looking for Greek yogurt as well. I didn’t find that either 😦 (I am all over these emoticons right now).

Enter panic mode. I’m sorry, I have to eat every few hours or I am one cranky girl. I was already pressed for time but I hit up the Whole Foods on the way to the office. There I found Oikos on sale for $1 (SCORE), and I also remembered I had an Oikos coupon! I looked at the coupon in line at the register and it said “$1 off a 5.3 oz. Oikos.” Sure enough that was the size I had grabbed. I thought for sure there was no way that the coupon would count towards the purchase because the Oikos was already on sale. Oh but I was pleasantly corrected.



Honestly, I left that store giddy and on cloud nine. I am such a loser, but it’s the little things in life, right? πŸ™‚ So I ate this around 10 ish as I was famished from my run this morning.


This is what the lid said underneath:


I thought this was a sweet little quote. Like I said, simple things.

So a pleasant thing happened today. Well, first it was pleasant, then it wasn’t, and ultimately it was!! Let me explain…

So I went to check my bank statement, you know, to make sure I’m not spending crazy amounts of money or anything, and I was shocked to see I had more money than I thought I should. “NICE!” I thought to myself as I gave myself a pat on the back, but when I saw my last paycheck I became somewhat worried because it was a significant amount more than every other paycheck. How could this be?Β So I went online (I have direct deposit) and looked at my paystub there. No wonder it was so much money because I was paid for 118 hours. I definetely did not work 118 in two weeks. Something was up. So I thought, crap, I’ll tell HR about this and they’ll realize the mistake and deduct the money on my next paycheck. Boo.

No. Turns out every so often I get a paycheck that covers three weeks!! So the money was well earned and it’s totally mine to keep! Yeee haw! So I celebrated with a Starbies.


*make your spirits bright*

Lunch rolled around and I was fortunate enough to eat out (I never do this) with my boss at a little Italian place in the food court at the mall.

My sincerest apologies, because I did not bring my camera. I thought it may be a bit odd to whip it out and start taking artsy pictures of my food, the restaurant, and everything in between. I haven’t reached that comfort level yet. Maybe when I get more readers (pass me on to your friends pleeeeeaasseee) and more acclaimed, then I will do it, in the name of you all.

So we went to a place called Pasta Moto. Here is a picture from Yelp.


A semi fast-food Italian place. I had literally no time to order, so I didn’t really have time to analyze the menu, but I ended up settling with farfalle pasta (they did not have whole wheat…grrrr) with tomato sauce, zucchini, carrot, garlic, eggplant, bell pepper and onions tossed throughout. I also had a slice of garlic bread. It has been a long time since I’ve had a pasta dish like this. Needless to say I was in a food coma for a while. I actually didn’t like how it made me feel an hour or so later. I was tired and sluggish, and even coffee didn’t perk me up.

After lunch we stopped by a place called Melt. It is basically a gelato and crepe cafe.


Had to keep with the Italian them you know. I didn’t get anything because I was stuffed to the max, but I did try a sample of chocolate peanut butter gelato. Holy yum. This was the richest, most decadent tasting dessert I have had in a loooooong time. I had to get away quickly. Before I ate the entire tub of it.

So I was not hungry until I came home around 7PM!! That’s what a hefty carbo filled lunch will do to a girl. I still wasn’t even that hungry, but I was craving cinnamon and apples.

I made a little almond butter, cinnamon and pumpkin butter “dressing.”


I nuked this in the microwave for a total of 45 seconds (I stirred every 15 seconds or so), and then I kept adding hot water and stirring until it was the desired consistency. It actually ended up being much thinner and creamier than this picture.



*oooey goooeey almond pumpkin cinnamon fabulousness*

I then had time to give myself a little mani. It bugs be when my nails are not painted for some reason (call me crazy), so I always try to keep them painted.


*OPI nail polish is da bomb*

Then I snacked on a mini bowl of peanut butter puffins, cheerios, kashi go lean and temptation trail mix.


And that was clearly not enough sweets for me, because I was seriously craving chocolate like no other! I best not disobey these cravings.


*Lindt Sea Salt Dark Chocolate*

And now I am off to bed because I am le tired. Getting up at 4:30 will do that to a girl. Happy almost Friday to everyone! I am looking forward to Champagne Friday!!

What are you all looking forward to this Friday?


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