Fabulous Fall Weekend

Hello lovvverrrss (Carrie Bradshaw, anyone)?

I hope you all had a fabulous fall weekend, because I know I sure did! I write this as I sit my behind on my couch, completely wiped out from this weekends festivities.

When I left you yesterday I mentioned that Eric and I were heading to a BBQ at his family’s house with Eric’s friend and his wife from Baltimore. We had a lot of fun, followed with lots of wine and food. Too much food in fact. I apologize in advance for the lack of pictures in this post. I will do my best to explain and you all can be creative and use your imaginations!!

So the thing is, when I get a little tipsy all my inhibitions go out the window (food related that is you sickos!) I can thank you (or not thank you), Prosecco.


So I had a little grilled vegetables, grilled chicken, white rice and sourdough bread.




Then I kept raiding all of the food and probably ended up eating about 5 pieces of bread, mounds of rice and handfuls of peanut butter puffins (I made many detours to the kitchen pantry). If that wasn’t enough I also had a piece of this amazing pumpkin cake.


(times 3. NO JOKE).

Needless to say I was a bottomless pit, and did not really fill stuffed.

Besides the food part, the company was spectacular and it was great to hang out and catch up with friends and family. It was also fun to play with the little one as well.


How darn cute is she?

Oh and she eats “star sandwiches” with peanut butter and “red” (AKA peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. The jelly happens to be red). How much fun are these? I would eat just about anything in a star shape.



After my 9 mile run and all the food and (wine) and festivities I was ready to go to sleep, and hit the sack earlier than anyone else at about 11 PM.

I woke up feeling somewhat queasy from all of the food from the night before and immediately drank gallons of water. Then I was starving. Go figure.

I made a version of pumpkin oats that I first read in the Hungry Girl recipe book.


This bowl consists of:

1/3 cup of oats
1/2 cup of water (I had no milk)
1/4 cup of canned pumpkin
1/4 cup of fiber one

This was a super thick yet creamy oatmeal, but it was totally lacking pumpkin butter. I also had a hot, steaming cup of coffee to help me out of my food coma.

Before setting out for the day, Eric and I stopped off at the gym. I had only planned on running about 3-4 miles, but I was feeling good, and watching Paula’s Party on the Food Network kept me going to push out 6 miles with a 1/2 mile walking cool down. My legs felt like jello. Then Eric guided me through some arm and leg circuits, which was a nice change because usually I am super rushed in the gym and always end up doing the same strength exercises.

After the gym Eric and I split a chocolate milk protein drink (unpictured, sorry! But it was creamy and thick…almost like a milkshake) and then headed out to Sport Chalet to find Eric a nice, warm, waterproof coat for Europe. Also so I could peruse all the fancy running gear.

I fell in love with the cutest, smallest, pink camelbak that I am going to ask for for Christmas (I also fell in love with many-a-things in that store).

I love

I had to get out quickly before I bought myself a whole new running outfit. We stopped by the library to drop off a book and then headed to this cute little gourmet food shop in downtown.


This is one of my favorite little stores. Not only do they have gourmet food, but they always carry the cutest dining wear, aprons, cheese boards, you name it. Everything they have is unique and adorable. Oh, and they have a gourmet chocolate area as well. Yum yum. This place cannot go wrong.


Enter Fig and Walnut Butter and Maple Pumpkin Butter

I have to get one of these the next time I come in here. We were in a hurry, but wanted to stop off and get some caffeine because we were both about to fall asleep. We split an iced coffee from Tully’s while we made the trek back to our apartment.


Not without stopping at Whole Foods first! They were debuting their holiday ordering/catering menu, so there were samples galore (I actually did eat quite a bit today, it was all sporadic and little snacks here and there thanks to Whole Foods and Gourmet Works). Check out these cute cupcakes and fruit tarts they were giving out!!



I grabbed another coffee (I needed it) and ate this amazing biscotti, and some of Eric’s apple cranberry muffin.



We came home and I was pleasantly surprised to see my first edition of Glamour magazine in the mail!!! Michelle Obama is on the cover and she looks fantastic in this red dress and amazing statement necklace.

I spent the afternoon/evening tidying up, making the bed, putting away various groceries and finally vegging on the couch and indulging in Monster In Law on Oxygen. Oh I love Michael Vartan. He’s such a hunk. Here is a little sample of some of the groceries I got this weekend From TJ’s and Target.


  • Sweet potato chips (I couldn’t resist)
  • Barbara’s shredded oats
  • Van’s multigrain waffles
  • Mini heirloom tomatoes
  • Whole wheat Oroweat sandwich thins

Before dinner I made a little snack plate for Eric and I to munch on. It consisted of cucumbers, zucchini, carrots, tomatoes and celery. On the leaf plate is a medley of dips including mustard, BBQ sauce, honey mustard and some scary spicy sauce that Eric really likes (that I clearly cannot handle). There is also a tid bit of goat cheese, the robusto cheese from Friday night, a cheddar cheese and some crackers.



For dinner I was craving Greek Yogurt (I haven’t had any since Friday!!!), so I made a huge bowl of yogurt, puffins, a new addition of Barbara’s shredded oats, trail mix, pumpkin butter and kashi go lean.


Mmmm. Hit the spot.

A little sea salt dark chocolate for dessert, just for good measure. Oh and some merlot as well 😉

I need to get a few things done before the start of the work week (bleehhh), but I will be back tomorrow, with more pictures and hopefully a new and exciting post!

Thanks for reading all, and enjoy what’s left of your weekend!


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