Manic Monday

Dear Monday, thank you for not being terribly awful today 🙂

Love, Sarah

So I’ve been catching up on numerous blogs from the weekend, many of which documented the fabulous Foodbuzz Festival. Freakishly fantastic alliteration, no? And now I am in a make-believe food coma. And über jealous. Unfortunately my eats for today did not come anywhere CLOSE to those of what these girls experienced this weekend in the beautiful city of San Francisco. But I am very inspired to come up with many food concoctions in the next week or so. Stay tuned.

Breakfast started out simple enough. When I went to bed I knew that I wanted to have some form of nut butter and banana. So when I made my way to the kitchen far too early in the AM, that’s just what I did.


  • Oroweat sandwich thin
  • Almond butter
  • Pumpkin butter
  • Sliced banana

With a side of grapes and shredded oats.

I really need to get better at taking photos. I think I need to spend some quality time with my camera manual to see the best way to take pictures of food. I’m sure there’s a chapter on that, right?

Before I knew it I was kissing Eric goodbye, wishing him luck on his very first real world job interview and heading out into the chilly, crisp November weather. I love scarves, trench coat, tights and boot weather. This is just the season for it. Speaking of, I made my way into J Crew this weekend, just ever so briefly, and actually wound up buying a simple v-neck merino wool sweater on sale for $35!


Did you all know that you can show your student ID at J Crew and get 10% off your purchase?? It may even be 15%, I can’t quite remember. But as far as J Crew knows, I am still a student ;)

I justified this purchase as something that I could wear to work, on the weekend, wherever. Bottom line, very versatile. While I was there I was pretty much lusting over everything and every outfit the mannequins were donning.  What else is new?

I had my mid morning snack around 10. I decided it was time to try the lemon flavored Stonyfield yogurt.


I did not like this as much as I thought I would, but it was still tasty, and one of the better Stonyfield yogurts I had. Note my to-do list in the background. I made this list and immediately did about 3 things on it. I knew I had to do these things sometime throughout the day, and was going to do them in the near future, BUT I decided to write them out on a list, so I would feel more accomplished when I did them. Strange? Perhaps, but it made me feel good 🙂

Lunch was pretty boring, but yummy to say the least.



  • Oroweat sandwich thin (yes I have had a total of 4 of these slices today)
  • 2 slices of honey turkey
  • 1 wedge light laughing cow swiss cheese
  • Spinach galore
  • Mustard

I also had some TJ’s baby heirloom tomatoes and about a serving of the crack sweet potato chips. These are WAY too addicting. Honestly, I have to keep the bag hiding, and I’ve only had them for 2 days.

I spent the afternoon working, chatting with my mom and friends on gchat and filling out this fun little work-related “survey” for some new web-based launch. Basically it was entitled “I Am,” and I had to first list my name and my job title and then 5 things that “I am.” I actually had a tough time deciding what to divulge about myself, but I managed to come up with the following:

  • Running addict (newly discovered…yay)!
  • Cooking/baking enthusiast
  • Magazine reader
  • TV junkie
  • Optimistic and joyful

Obviously I am much more than that, but those were some things that I thought of. What would you pick if you had to have a few short words/phrases describing who you are?

My afternoon snack went from typical and boring to downright sinful. Well, sort of. I got a call from someone in my office simply asking “do you like chocolate?” Where I obviously replied, “uhm, yes, very much so.” The next thing I know he came over and gave me to Lindt truffles! Milk chocolate and white chocolate. OMG. Lindt truffles are soooo creamy and decadent. My boring apple snack now became an apple and some delicious Lindt truffles. See? So sinful.


On the way home I got hungry and ate some trail mix (not the Mojo bar in the bag).


I also got to catch up on the newest issue of SELF. There are actually a few points and tips that I want to bring up and hopefully will in tomorrow’s post. BUT I was so excited to see this particular page that included some holiday eating tips from some of the amazing healthy lifestyle blogs I have been reading!!


Shout out to Jenna and Meghann!

In honor of Eric’s first interview (that he kicked engineering butt in BTW), I wanted to treat him to something special. After I got off the train I walked to this specialty grocery store called Mollie Stone’s. After debating what to get him I was SO pleasantly surprised to see this “ice cream” called Artic Zero. I say “ice cream” because it is made from whey protein, and the main ingredient is water.

“Arctic Zero™ was developed to provide the health benefits, nutrition, and the taste that all of us want. It’s a frozen protein shake that satisfies your ice cream craving.”


I was so excited to find this, because I have only seen it in one grocery store by my house in Southern California. I immediately knew it was what I had to get for Eric (and knowing I would have some too). 🙂

Check out these nutritionals! It’s unreal. I mean I have no idea how they do it. I won’t ask, just guiltlessly indulge.


I came home, popped Eric’s gift in the freezer, and went away with dinner. I was craving chicken, but everything was frozen. I decided to thaw the chicken in the microwave and then create a Balsamic Goat Cheese Heirloom Tomato Chicken Pasta. (Recipe to come tomorrow)!!




The merlot begged me to drink it, I swear 🙂

Last but not least I signed up for a YMCA Turkey Trot in my hometown on Thanksgiving! Non only is that exciting in itself, BUT 4 of my girlfriends from high school are doing it as well! It has been FAR too long since we all have spent time with one another, so I am SO looking forward to this! Oh and our breakfast feast that we have already to intricately planned (I think this was the driving force behind doing the race…breakfast afterwards. ha).

Goodnight bellas, it is past my bedtime!

xoxo, Sarah


One thought on “Manic Monday

  1. sofia says:

    Gosh you really inspire me to eat more healthy. Everything looks so delicious! I love your wide range of sandwich ideas. Speaking of which, where do you get Oroweat sandwich thin?

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