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Well it looks like I have some readers interested in fashion! I checked my site visitor count just now, and it’s the highest yet to date!

Thank you all for reading my daily weird rants and millions of pictures of oatmeal and greek yogurt. I truly do appreciate every single one of you!

Oh, and if you aren’t already following me on Twitter, please do it. Now. Thanks 🙂

I’m going to work backwards here and start with my fabulous little orange dinner. I was craving both sweet potatoes and carrots (random, but hey), so I decided to make something with each of these. And before i knew it, my dinner was looking like Fall barfed all over my plate. Which I love.




*baked carrots, green beans and sweet potatoes with a turkey and cheese sandwich thin*

And some greek yog. Yeah, you all know how I do it.


My breakfast was beyond fantastical. I mean more so than usual. I think it was due to the massive amounts of pumpkin butter I put in it.

Pumpkin Oats on Crack


  • 1/3 cup of oats
  • 1/4 cup almond milk
  • 1/2 cup of water
  • 1/2 cup of canned pumpkin
  • handful of kashi go lean (random but yummy)
  • heavy amounts of cinnamon
  • dash of pumpkin pie spice

Added all of the above into a microwave safe bowl (I was in a hurry this morning, or it would have been stove top), cooked for 45 seconds, stirred, and then cooked for another minute.

Topped it off with a big heaping spoonful of pumpkin butter, almond butter, truvia and TJ’s temptation trail mix.

This was heaven in a bowl. For breakfast. YUM.

Best thing about this is that it kept me full for a little more than 4 hours!! I love when food can do that to this notoriously hungry girl :).

Around 10:30 I had my morning snack:

Fixin’s (puffs, kashi go lean, shredded wheat, trail mix)


All pretty


All ugly. But I love. I love this ugly mess.


I decided to get my legs a movin’ on my lunch break today. I walked on over to the mall just to get some ideas for what to get people for Christmas. Unfortunately I had ZERO time to actually concentrate, and I was practically sweating by the time I got there, because apparently when the weather man tells you “high of 62 degrees” he really means 75 degrees. Thanks weather man. So I was a mess, but I did manage to swipe this little protein packed sample of trip tip.


Oh it was delicious.

I was so happy when I walked through Bloomingdale’s on my way out because it was all decked out in Christmas trees and decorations and EVERYTHING Christmas. Kind of like my Fall dinner, Christmas definitely barfed all over Bloomy’s.


I came back from my walk and tried something new (shocker)! I recently purchased a Dr. McDougall’s soup in a cup from Whole Foods. Basically it’s like a health-ified cup of noodles (except still a tad high in sodium content). Here is what the cup says:

“Dr. McDougall’s Right Foods® are always delicious, natural and low in fat without animal products or cholesterol. We source non-genetically modified ingredients and make nutritious foods that are all-natural, tasty sources of plant protein, fiber and antioxidants for your Delicious Wellness®.”



It was pretty bomb-diggity if I do say so myself. The only thing I didn’t like was towards the end of the cup it got all nasty from the little package of spices that I poured in before I added water. I guess that is bound to happen though.

The rest of the afternoon was spent lusting over running shoes, clothes, watches, etc. (funny to think it’s the same way I feel about regular clothes). I munched on an unpictured Fuji apple and a mini clif mojo bar. I need to get myself some full sized ones!

So I am currently reading Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. I have had this book in my bookshelf for about 2 years now and have yet to pick it up. I felt inspired the other day and began reading it. I am in love with this woman (in a completely platonic way of course). I love reading about her struggles and how she is beginning to overcome them all the while eating, praying and loving (no really the book is divided into these sections)!


So far Elizabeth is going through a rough divorce which leaves her emotionally drained and stricken with depression and loneliness (both of which she refers to as people in the book…its quite clever). Basically she decides to take a journey to Italy by herself, for herself, and spend a few months living in Rome. This takes great courage to do something like this and I completely admire her for doing so (plus Italy isn’t the worst place in the world, now is it?). So this is where the “eat” part comes into play, and the whole reason for my discussion of this book.

Basically I have a love affair with food. I know it is always there for me, even if people or places are not. It has a way of making any situation better. I enjoy it most with friends and great company (and good wine ;)). It is an amazing creative way of expression that should be savored and really dissected. I came across a quote form this book that I COMPLETELY relate to.

“So Sofie and I have come to Pizzeria de Michele, and these pies we have ordered–one for each of us–are making us lose our minds. I love my pizza so much, in fact, that I have come to believe in my delirium that my pizza might actually love me, in return. I am having a relationship with this pizza, almost an affair.”

I about died of pure joy and happiness when I read this. I have completely felt that way about many a meals and dishes in my day. Love it. She captured this perfectly.

Alright, sorry folks for that little excerpt, but it really caught my eye and I wanted to share it with you all.

Before I leave I am happy to announce that I am attending my first blogging event! I signed up to attend BlogHer’s annual holiday party in SF! I cannot WAIT to go, meet some fellow bloggers and eat some fabulous food 🙂

Goodnight all!!




4 thoughts on “Follow Me!

  1. Carly says:

    Italy was my friggen favorite!! I would read it drinking a cappuccino EVERY DAY over the summer. I got lost with her there y’know? I felt like I was healing WITH her.

    India was hard because she is learning discipline of the mind basically and how to still herself and I think you kind of wrestle WITH her where as italy was just this beautiful experience of her learning how to love herself and to not feel shame and guilt constantly and India was more like… wrestling with her mind and with how to be completely still and disciplined. Not as much fun to read but, I hear “Love” is the best part and I’m a few pages in.. stoked!

    We should have a book chat over thanksgiving. Seriously. I LOVE her.

  2. catrina says:

    i am reading eat, pray, love as well! she’s in bali now…it is really changing the way i think about things! i share so many of her views on things…i love this book!!! 🙂

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