I Love Bargains

This is my first official post using Windows Live Writer! I can thank Danica for letting me know about this! (How on earth did I not know about this)?!?!

The only issue is that my personal computer is a Mac. So, unfortunately I cannot use it on my laptop at home, BUT I can use it on my desktop at work! Hurrah! **Unless there are Mac users out there who use some program that makes their blogging life easier. HELP**

I’m so excited to actually make my pictures look pretty and not all the same size and centered exactly the same as I still can’t quite figure out wordpress!

So I’ve decided to add a “currently lusting over” piece in my blog. This is going to mostly be fashion related. Today I have picked this uber cozy boyfriend sweater from Aerie (by American Eagle). It appears to be oversized (I love) and super thick to keep you warm for the crisp winter days. I see this being paired with some denim leggings and boots. Perhaps even a cute knit hat to go along (perhaps too much knit, but hey whatevs).


0745_2167_131 pl707324-00bkvliv01

Sweater: Aerie Boyfriend Cable Sweater $49.50

Denim Leggings: Rich and Skinny Legacy Skinny Jeans $145 (OK, way out of my price range but these are AMAZING. Definitely lusting over these today).

While we are talking about clothes, here is my OOTD (outfit of the day).


  • Sweater: recently purchased J Crew sweater on clearance
  • Pants: J Crew ankle length cords
  • Scarf: random Florentine market (seriously best 5 euro I’ve ever spent)
  • Boots: Tar-jaaahhyy

Alright, on to the eats.

For breakkie I had a trusty pair of Van’s waffles smothered in almond butter and pumpkin butter (I swear, not a day goes by that I do not eat either of these) and topped with a sliced banana. One waffle was eaten at home while the other was eaten in the car…I was running late.


I will spare you my “10AM greek yogurt mess” and instead talk about this sweet, sweet product instead.


I CANNOT EVEN BEGIN TO TELL YOU HOW AMAZING THIS TEA IS. If you like sugar cookies you will LOVE this. Even if you don’t like tea, I swear. So whenever I see flavored teas that catch my eye, i.e. pomegranate green tea, or honey vanilla, these flavors are indeed prevalent, but usually aren’t as flavorful as I would like. This is not the case for this Celestial Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride tea. Not only is the cutest name for a tea, but it is honestly a sugar cookie dissolved in water…without nasty soggy crumbs.

So by the time lunch rolled around I was not really that hungry because I had been periodically snacking (no thanks to pretzels, sweet potato chips and baby heirloom tomatoes, and the aforementioned sugar cookie tea), so I took a stroll to my coffee place of choice *ahem* where I have a gift card, so in turn my coffee is “free” *ahem*.


While I was waiting for my coffee I saw this on the bar.


I thought this was an excellent way to brighten up the place. Plus I just thought it was pretty, ok?

After drinking my iced coffee with no sugar added vanilla something extraordinary happened.

What’s this?


A shopping bag?

What could be inside?


An adorably cute ruffled racer back tank?

For only $5.50?!?!?!

Yes, you heard it right folks. This tank is normally $14.50. It is the “item of the week” at Old Navy, so it was on sale for $7. I also had a friends and family coupon, so it brought my grand total to $5.50. I couldn’t pass this up! Considering I have been quietly lusting over this very similar tank from J Crew.

j crew shirt on697991-03p01v01

Look! They are practically the same tank top! Let’s compare, shall we?

J Crew: Originally $29.50 (now on sale for $23.50)

Old Navy: Originally $14.50 (on sale for $7 PLUS my coupon=$5.50)

Total savings: $18

So after this fabulous little find I came back and had lunch. I still was not that hungry but I knew I should probably eat. I had an open faced BBQ chicken (chicken left over from yesterday’s salad that “marinated” in BBQ sauce over night) with spinach and heirloom tomatoes on the side. I ended up eating this open face sandwich like a taco. Much more fun that way, and much more manageable.


Well I am going to end this post here as I need to get some work finished and then Eric and I are off to our cooking class!!! I cannot wait to learn French cooking techniques and make some yummy French cuisine! I will recap (hopefully) tonight!




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