Whirlwind Weekend

What a busy weekend it has been! I ran a total of 15 miles, cooked many dishes and had lots of good wine and time with Eric. I couldn’t ask for anything more! Except maybe for it to be Friday? Would that be too much to ask??

So last night Eric and I recreated our Chicken Provençal from our cooking class on Friday night. We basically did everything the same except we did not have any chicken! I know that is odd because chicken is in the title of the dish, but we wanted something light and almost stew like. Which is exactly what we got!!!


Oh this was so fabulous. Just as fabulous as Friday night at our cooking class! I loved dipping the bread into the stew/soup.

I also had a few of these chocolate graham goldfish. I am a sucker for cute chocolate shaped cookies.


This morning I woke up and went on a quick 5 mile run. I munched on this “pinkah butter” and jelly sandwich (this is how Ashley says peanut butter).


It gave me the perfect fuel for my run. I came back, showered, put on Sleeping Beauty for Ashley, and made myself a new greek yogurt creation!


I found some left over pumpkin so I added about 1 tbsp. to about 1/2 cup of greek yogurt and then topped it with peanut butter puffins, honey nut cheerios, a chopped apple and ground flax seed. I LOVED the slight hint of pumpkin! I may have to incorporate this into future greek yogurt messes!!

The rest of the day was busy busy busy! As Eric and I drove back to our apartment and ran a bunch of errands and I munched periodically throughout the day.

We ended up at Whole Foods where I had half a vegan lemon poppyseed muffin, and half an apple cranberry muffin. The vegan lemon poppyseed muffin was honestly the most dense, moist muffin I have ever had. I could have eaten about 50 of these. Easily. I paired the muffins with an iced coffee sweetened with my newest love, Truvia.


While we were at the checkout I spotted this Chocolate Pumpkin Spice Bark and started commenting about how amazing it sounded.


The girl at the checkout then said, “well would you like to try it?” I was not sure what she was getting at, BUT she ended up “sampling” it out and giving it to us for free!!! I had this same experience in the cheese shop at Whole Foods once. Honestly, if you are intrigued about trying something 9/10 times a Whole Foods member will most likely let you sample it for free. Such a great company!! Plus I love free things :).

I came home and made something secret which I will promise to let you all know in a few days. 🙂 I munched on this secret dish (so good), and some veggies, cheese and crackers. My appetite has been screwy all day because I have basically been snacking all day. Sorry I don’t have pictures because I literally was eating something every half an hour. So dinner was simple as can be.

Fuji apple with almond butter, peanut butter, pumpkin butter and cinnamon topped with pumpkin granola and shredded oats. I added a slice of faux Ezekiel TJ’s bread with almond butter and this new raspberry peach champagne spread we bought the other night at Sur la Table.



Sorry for the lack of pictures, but its been a loooooonnnngg day, and tomorrow’s Monday. Blah. I have to go get my life in order before work tomorrow. I hope you all had a lovely weekend!!


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