Bummed (literally)

So I apologize in advance. This is going to be a short, blah post with lots of words, little pictures.

I went to bed last night feeling not my best. I woke up numerous times feeling worse, then feeling better. Basically I am at work right now and I want to be at home, on the couch, with my DVR.

Oh, and about the “bummed” title of this post. I bummed my knee last night running (think of me saying that all British and cute). Yes, I don’t know what I did, but I am currently in pain and very frustrated. It began to hurt around 4.5 miles, and I was on track to complete 5 miles, so I said, “eh, just ride it out you’re almost done.”

See, my reasoning behind this was because back in my soccer days there was a point where I had some minor knee pain. After MRIs and tests galore, all I had to do was walk across the floor for the orthopedist to tell me I have flat feet and that is causing my knee to act up when I run. So I got orthotics, end of story. It still acts up from time to time, but doesn’t really affect me all that much anymore.

So last night, I thought this same thing was occurring, and while it is somewhat painful in the moment, it goes away after I am done running.

This was NOT the case.

Basically my patella (under and to the right of it) on my left leg feels like like its being ripped in two and getting attacked by the most evil of needles. I thought it would go away by morning, but it was actually worse. I think when its stiff it gets worse. Now I have self diagnosed myself (thank you WebMD and Runners World) and I think I have Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome…also known as Runner’s Knee. Which is basically cartilage that has been grinded down by the knee cap because the knee cap shifts all funny while running (that sounds so medically profound, no?) which makes total sense given my flat footed self. I am soooo frustrated. I am going to ice ice baby that thing tonight and pop some ibuprofen. I will take a few days off and I hope to be better by Saturday for my long run, but I really don’t want to push it. Ah, I am so torn 😦

Anyway, enough of that! Albeit my crappy feeling I wanted to have a “real” breakfast, I scrambled up 2 egg whites, 1 egg, frozen peas and frozen broccoli. I topped it with some reduced fat shredded cheese and toasted an english muffin to make a sandwich! I also had an orange on the side for some Vitamin C! This was deeeeeelicious. So worth the extra effort in the kitchen!


Morning snack time! My free Oikos from yesterday with PB puffins, trail mix, kashi go lean and shredded wheat.


I’m sorry this just can’t be beat. OH and according to the newest issue of Women’s Health… (this was taken out of the article “Win the Colds War” on page 72).

“Snack Smart: eating two cups of yogurt every day will lower your chances of catching a cold by triggering your body to produce four times as much of a key immune receptor, new research shows. ‘Your intestines are a crucial part of your immune system because they’re home to so many healthy bacteria…yogurt with live cultures [the label will say live active cultures or LAC] will improve the health of your digestive tract, making your immune system more effective.’”

Take that! That is my excuse for eating excess amounts of yogurt (although maybe I’m not eating enough, since I have caught the cold and all…. ;)).

Lunch came and went. I had this frozen TJ’s meal of Roasted Vegetables and Cous Cous. Like I said before, I usually don’t like to eat frozen meals, but I did not want to prep anything last night because I was tired and lazy. So this was what I was left with.

IMG_1150 IMG_1151

Looks nothing like the box….

It’s actually fantastic.


My afternoon snack came in the form of Ricola, and a teeny bit of OJ mixed with water and a Kids Amazing Grass Super Food. Gotta pound those nutrients in me!!!


Well loves, I’m sorry to cut it short, but I have a feeling I will not do ANYTHING when I get home and probably fall asleep at like 8PM. Because I currently feel like this.


But I couldn’t leave you all hanging for one day now could I?

Stay healthy and when your body hurts LISTEN TO IT!!!!!


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