Hopped Off the Plane at LAX with a Dream and My Cardigan….

Hello beauties! Well I haven’t quite hopped off the plane yet. But I will shortly!!

I splurged and bought $8 internet while I chill at the airport. I have never seen the airport this empty before. It’s crazy. Honestly I am here a few hours early because I thought it was going to be hellish trying to get through security and whatnot. Now I’ve got time to kill!

I’ve been a bad blogger today. I DID photograph my breakfast as I was frantically trying to make sure I had everything I needed. I made some banana oatmeal!! Basically I cooked the oats on the stove with some almond milk and water and added a sliced banana and cooked while I mashed the banana. It makes the oats thicker and denser. Me likey. I topped it with cinnamon, flax and almond butter. YUM.


I say I am a bad blogger because I inhaled my snack before I could take a picture of it. But it looked something like this….

or this…

or this…

You get the picture I imagine.

Well I had a half day at work (score) so I killed some time by stopping at some stores such as…

Sadly I did not find anything that I LOVED. That has become my rule lately. Only buy things that I truly just fall head over heals in love with. But it was quite interesting trying to navigate through H&M and a 3 story Forever 21 with a little rolling carry on suitcase. I managed somehow.

Anyway. I ate a Pure Bar for lunch. I know, not sufficient enough. It was all I had at the moment and I wasn’t terribly hungry. I brought a stash of bars and whatnot for the day/weekend, but I knew I would eat something at the airport. So I stuck to this Pure bar.

I have never had a Pure bar before, but I would compare it to a Larabar. Except a bit bigger, and softer. Basically, I loved it. I will be getting these again. I bought this particular one at Trader Joe’s!!! I didn’t know they carried Pure bars! Hurrah!

So now I am at the airport. Sitting and killing time. I just bought a margherita pizza and a glass of merlot. Classy I know. Apparently this amount of class costs $19. Holy crap. Well, I was darn hungry, and I like to have wine to help me relax before a flight. I always get a bit ansty and whatnot. Anyway. I had about half of this 10 inch pizza.


It was pretty darn good. And I am eyeing the rest of it, but I know I am not hungry. No Sarah, no. Listen to your stomach.

Alright, it’s almost time to board and I have a bit more wine left! Can’t let that money go to waste, right?

And I just bought Britney Spear’s “3.” I have been obsessed with that song, and I finally caved and bought it. Now I am rockin’ out to it….wooo.

Ciao blogggieeesss!


(BTW I totally used my macbook camera as an opportunity to fix my makeup. oops).


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