Picture Post!

So this has been an absolutely incredible long weekend! So much has happened and I can’t even begin to write about it all! Here are some highlights filled with food, friends, family and love!

Some eats.

Many greek yogurt messes

apple, fiberful, and MANY iced coffees

tart yogurt with mango, pineapple, strawberries, granola and carob chips

leftover turkey, gravy and cranberry panini with butternut squash gratin

pumpkin with pumpkin pie yogurt

gorgonzola and apple smoked cheese and cracker platters

with honey….

and cool whip (not together, obvi)

and a slice or two of bbq chicken/chicken alfredo pizza

saturday morning breakfast: egg white omelet with chicken, bell peppers, onion, spinach and tomatoes with fruit and half an english muffin with blackberry jam

saturday lunch: chips and salsa, raw veggies (no ranch) and 2 carnita tacos

This weekend also involved a hair cut and color.

me at my best. obvi.

Good times with old friends.

And new running shoes….

Christmas came early… in the form of asics kayano 15’s.

I am beyond excited to break these babies in! Speaking of, I think my knee is FINALLY healing (knock on wood), and hopefully I will be up and running this week!

I leave tomorrow morning and finally get back to Eric!! But this weekend was SO fun, and exactly what I needed. Friends, family and good food.

I hope you all had wonderful Thanksgivings and were able to spend time with people you love!


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