Gym Attempt #2

Alright, so I lied about being back on track. BUT, it was because I left my camera cord at work, and I was unable to upload photos when I got home because my computer does not have a little memory card slot. Boo.

So I left you yesterday informing you about my attempt to go to the gym! Now, if you don’t know, my knee started to hurt exactly 2 weeks from today. It began in the middle of a run, and stupid me, continued to run. Bad move. I have not fully exercised or ran in the past two weeks with the exception of Exercise TV and Jillian Michael’s Wii game. So yesterday was a bit of a turning point when I hit the gym on my lunch break. I conquered this bad boy.

I started out slow, and while I felt some discomfort I decided to push on because it was not getting any worse. I only had time and energy for 20 minutes, but as soon as I hopped off, it felt the same as when I started! My big fear was that it would begin to feel much worse. Given this, I am attempting another round at the gym tonight!! Oh I would give anything to be back and running again!

Oh and when I got home I wanted to do some ab work, so once again, I took to Exercise TV. I decided to give Kim Kardashian’s workout a try. HA. This was funny. It was funny because Kim pretty much wears this and looks slammin’ the entire workout. So not what normal people look like.

So this was not a terribly difficult exercise (although I do feel it in my obliques today—YES) maybe it’s because I had to use Pillars of the Earth and The Wine Bible as “free weights.” Yes, I am classy like that.

So ANYWAY, for breakfast this morning I had a green monster! I forgot how much I missed these babies. I haven’t had one in almost 2 weeks!!! It was beyond amazing and contained the following:


  • bunches of spinach (packed to the brim i tell you)
  • unsweetened vanilla almond milk
  • scoop of Better N’ Peanut Butter
  • scoop of chocolate protein powder
  • 1 tsp. of flax
  • half a banana


Okay here’s where I need help from you all! As you know, I am deeply obsessed/in love with Greek yogurt. And I eat it far too often. I want to branch out with my snacks, and also be more exciting for YOU all. So if you have any ideas of snack ideas that are portable (i.e. I can bring them to work), please feel free to contact me!!

On that note….


Yes. I know. I’m sorry. But it was so good.

Lunch came rather quickly, and I wasn’t all that hungry, but that didn’t stop me from eating, no did it?

Leftover Hungry Girl chili from last week with a Wasa high fiber cracker! Nom nom. This chili is seriously SO good, and its completely vegetarian. I will post this recipe soon, I promise!!!


Eric came back from Germany to find Wasa crackers in the cabinet and he about flipped out. I guess they are EVERYWHERE in Germany and he ate them all the time. And then he finds them in our pantry? I guess we are just meant to be. 🙂

Snacky-poo was an apple. My appetite has not been the same for the past few days. I guess that’s what NOT working out will do to a girl. Oh and check out how horribly lopsided it is. It’s like the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree of apples.


Speaking of, I am off to hit the gym! I may attempt a HIIT workout, BUT I have a feeling it may hurt too much and may just hop on the elliptical.

Ciao Bellas!!!


Have you all ever had a lower body injury that required time off from running? If so, what did you do??


4 thoughts on “Gym Attempt #2

  1. Drea says:

    hahaha pap i love you. your apple to charlie brown xmas tree comparison just about killed me. love love love you! id give you some tips on snacks however im guilty of repetition…yogurt and fruit. but if its good…?!

  2. catrina says:

    my standby protein snacks are:
    *almonds (i have a cute little single serving tin…i got it for free from the california almond association)
    *reduced fat cheddar cheese sticks (TJs are best)
    *beef jerky or turkey jerky
    *sliced cheese and lunch meat…if you must have carbs, I use these sesame crisps from TJs (12g carbs (4 fiber) and 5g protein per serving….GREAT numbers)
    *soy nuts
    *edamame (raw, shelled from TJs)
    *carrots or celery with PB (i use power PB from GNC)
    *luna bars
    *hard boiled eggs
    * and on the go, latte. the milk is a GREAT protein upper…I sometimes forget to eat…if that is the case…I get a latte.
    * and occasionally i will indulge in a handful of dark chocolate almonds from TJs…73% cacao. AMAZING.

    all portable 🙂

  3. janetha says:

    i am so sorry you can’t just do what you want to do in terms of working out. i would go CRAZY! and you are the custest w/ your CB comparison. i heart your face off. YES i have had a LB injury! my left leg was totally useless in 8th grade (snowboarding injury to the hamstring) but.. i didn’t exercise back then.. so it did not matter. upper body though~broke my humerus in march 07 and could not do upper body for over a year. still cannot do as much as i would like 😦


  4. Natalie says:

    my fav and almost daily snack is an apple sliced at home and sprinkled with cinnamon and packed in a container. when i dont have time for that i do one of these, almonds, some type of bar, carrots, pretzels, hummus on either of the prior. i wish i could eat yog as a snack but it makes me want to gag. maybe i just need to add more stuff to it like you do, i just get grossed out at how thick greek yog is but i love the nutritional facts! bummer!

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