BlogHer Holiday Party Recap!

So last night I attended my first blogging event ever! It was located at a little restaurant in San Francisco called Tres Agaves.

IMG_1387This event was hosted by BlogHer, and I would like to thank them for hosting this awesome event!

I brought Eric along as my buffer and we wandered inside around 6:15. We were escorted to the back room of the restaurant where I was immediately excited to see Christmas lights and Christmas movies playing on giant screens on either side of the room. Sorry for the lack of picture quality. The lighting was REALLY dark, and when I used flash it was too bright in a lot of pictures. So please bear with me!!

IMG_1389  Eric and I spent the first 15 minutes or so mingling and getting drinks. Wine and club soda, respectively.

IMG_1392IMG_1393We then chatted with some people and I got introduced to yet another Sara (although she spells hers without an ‘h’).  She was super sweet and also brought her husband along, so the four of us found it easy to chat. She gave me some pointers about blogging—since she’s been doing it for about two years now, and I am so thankful I met her! Her blog is about living a life with a gluten intolerance. It’s extremely informative and crafty! You all should check it out.

After a little while we dug into the appetizers.

IMG_1390 IMG_1391

Including salsa and a HUGE barrel of chips. No kidding. It really was a barrel.

IMG_1394Our appetizer choices for the night included homemade corn tortillas, sautéed vegetables, vegetarian empanadas and beef empanadas. I filled my plate with a corn tortilla and TONS of the sautéed veggies! With a drizzle of the salsa verde and chips!

IMG_1395 (See what I mean about the inconsistency of the photo qualities)?

This was my FAVORITE thing of the evening! The corn tortillas were phenomenal and the veggie mix (I think it contained corn, bell peppers, tomatoes and maybe some more types of peppers) was amazing. I probably could have eaten the entire bar if I wanted to. Oh wait, I did want to. I just didn’t want to be rude.

Anyway, after about 20 minutes or so I was finally able to meet Danica in person! It was great to see a familiar face in a group full of strangers!

IMG_1397(thanks Jay for snapping this pic)!

We finally got to chat a bit and she also gave me AWESOME pointers on how to get more exposure on my blog. She also helped introduce me to some other bloggers!

After chatting for a while (and 3 club sodas with limes later) dinner was served! There was quite a bit to choose from, so Eric and I split a plate.

IMG_1398 *Spanish rice, vegetarian chile relleno, Spanish beans, flank steak and chicken mole*

Delicious. *Vegetarians beware* The chicken was kind of hard to attack. There were some bones and skin. I am not a fan of any sort of meat on bones, but I LOVE mole, so I wanted to try this. The flank steak, on the other hand, was really yummy and tender. Basically fell apart in my mouth.

Bottom line, the appetizers were way better!

Then they brought out dessert which was kind of strange. It was bread pudding made with tequila! It sounded fabulous, but the consistency was really mushy and had a funky sweetness to it. I only had about two bites and then called it quits.

IMG_1400 All in all it was a fun event. I went into it hoping to chat and mingle with a few people and that’s exactly what I did. I am not a SUPER outgoing person right off the bat (especially in social situations) and it takes me a bit to warm up, so this was definitely out of my comfort zone. The event itself was really fun and organized well, but it was hard to find a niche, as there were about 100 or so bloggers there. Not just food, but whatever they felt passionate about! Also, the event had a lot of sit down time, which made it hard and somewhat awkward to come up to a table full of already engaged people. All in all it was a great opportunity to meet people and I can’t wait for the next event!

Eric and I came home and crashed. We are not the type to go out. So this was epic for us. 🙂

This morning I slept in AGAIN. I have slept in the past 3 days. Not horribly late or anything, but just about 15 minutes later than I typically do. I have been really tired for some reason these past few days. I am planning on sleeping until my body wants to wake up tomorrow and I am SO looking forward to it!

Anyway, breakfast this morning had to be snappy because of my 6AM wake up call. I had half an english muffin with almond butter and raspberry champagne jam

IMG_1402and the rest of my Greek yogurt with grapes, shredded oats, kashi go lean, and puffins.


Yes. You heard that correctly. The last of my Greek yogurt. Meaning……


My morning snack was NOT Greek yogurt (bows with pride)!! I had a sliced apple tossed in cinnamon with some almond buttah on the side. I am going to be doing this more often! It kept me full too!

I was a lucky girl because I got to experience my love/hate relationship with the Whole Foods salad bar with Aleece. We both agreed to use the smaller salad boxes in an effort for it to weigh less so it would not cost as much. Well, I pretty much stuffed that little box to the brim. And it was cheaper, but not by much. IMG_1405But seriously, this was the best salad I have had in a loooooonnnnnggggg time. I can’t even remember all that was in there. I kind of went a little salad bar happy and kept shoveling everything in sight into the box.

spinach and mixed greens

some raw kale/avocado salad mix

butternut squash

lentil salad

red bell peppers

grape tomatoes



shredded zucchini

shredded carrots

shredded chicken

balsamic vinegar

Phew! Yeah it was bomb. I tried to pace myself, but it was hard. I came back to work and sorted some mail and mailed things out and then around 3:30 I drank this little guy.
IMG_1406*swoooon* I am such a sucker for Synergy. 
So on tonight’s agenda:
  • Whole Foods with Eric for a wine tasting!
  • Celebration of a recent work promotion (sorry I have yet to mention—details are still in the works)!
  • Celebration of a belated birthday of my fabulous boyfriend!

Needless to say I am beyond excited for work to be over in exactly 1 hour and 20 minutes!



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