Cookie Dilemma

So I am currently debating over a very important issue. Involving this

Yes. I am going to make copious amounts of cookies/bars/brownies/fudge for family and friends and myself but I just cannot decide what to make! I was at My Homeland yesterday (AKA Target), when I picked up 3 bags of assorted Nestle’s baking chips. They were super on sale, and I knew I would need them to bake. Now I am just stuck trying to figure out what to bake. Ho hum. Do you all have any great cookie/bar recipes that you would be willing to share with me?

While I ponder this extremely vital issue, I guess I can relive my day of eats with you all. So I woke up to find half of the Bay Area covered in snow.

Well sort of. There were sightings of snow in various parts of the bay, and even in the hills behind Eric’s dad’s house!!! Craziness. I’m pretty sure I live in California so I don’t have to experience this extreme weather. I know, I am a sissy, but hey, I just know I like my nice, warm California sunshine. Anyway, this prompted an obvious Oats morning. In my fantastic new Christmas bowl!


Isn’t it just so cute!? I love it.


  • 1/3 c of oats
  • 1.2 sliced banana (all smooshed in the pan)
  • 1/4 c unsweetened vanilla almond milk
  • 1/2 c water
  • cinnamon
  • almond butter
  • pumpkin butter
  • Temptation trail mix

Totally hit the spot. So did some nice hot tea and spending 10 minutes with Eric while he studied some for his one and only final! As I write this he is all done with school until January. So. Jealous. :p not that I’m in school or anything, but he has a Christmas break. I want one!!!

So before I knew it I had to head out into the 40 degree weather. Brrrrrrrrrr…. and had to walk .5 miles to work. Brrrrrrrrrr…..

But my morning snack made up for everything!


This time there was a new addition to this pretty little Greek yogurt family.

Nature’s Path Kamut Puffs! Check out these crazy nutritionals and ingredient list!

Made with: Organic Whole Kamut® Khorasan wheat

US Nutritional Facts

Basically it’s like eating air. But it has a slight sweetness to it. Very slight, considering there is no sugar whatsoever in this. Maybe I am crazy. Who knows. But yeah, this whole bag was $1.79 at Whole Foods. It’s a great filler in yogurt and cereals. Last night I had a bowl of cereal that I did not think was worthy of a picture and it contained these Kamut puffs along with peanut  butter puffins, kashi go lean, Fiber One, Cheerios and pumpkin flax granola. So good.

This morning I did some work and barely had any time to catch up on blogs from over the weekend! Hopefully I will get to sneak in some time to see what you all were up to this weekend!

Lunchtime rolled around and I was STARVIN’! I was feelin’ lazy last night so I ended up eating a frozen meal (shame) for lunch. This was from Trader Joe’s and it was a Sesame Ginger Soba Noodle Bowl.


It was actually better tasting than I thought. I forgot how much I love soba noodles. I think I may have to get some the next time I’m at the grocery store! While I ate lunch I was reading the newest issue of Entertainment Weekly. It was quite entertaining (ha!) and there was a whole article on the best entertainment related things of the decade. It was cool to go back and reminisce about certain TV shows (i.e. Friends) and read more about the things that I’m pretty sure would be very hard to function without (i.e. iPods/iPhones and Nintendo Wii’s). Speaking of which….does anyone who watches Desperate Housewives find themselves BEYOND annoyed at last nights ending?!?! I was peeved for sure. I mean I hate when producers leave you hanging!!! I am such a sucker.

I came back from a cold, dreary lunch and finished up some work at my desk. Around 4PM I couldn’t stop thinking about an apple I had stored away in my desk. So I had to eat it.


I spent the rest of the afternoon touring our new floor that my company is moving to next week. I found my new workspace and cannot wait to start decorating my cubicle! Work seemed to take forever after that, but eventually I made my way home.

I put out a chicken this morning and was not sure what to do with it, so I ended up throwing it in a skillet with some balsamic vinegar and baby heirloom tomatoes.

I waited for the chicken to cook and then crushed the tomatoes. I heated up a frozen veggie medley and some left over brown rice. I ended up dousing this with some more balsamic vinegar as well. Mmmm.

It did not really keep me very full for some reason! I have felt like a bottomless pit today. So I also made myself a little mini bowl of greek yogurt.

Now I am content. 🙂

Now it’s time to read and cuddle in bed!!! Hope your Monday’s were bearable!!


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