Random, But….

Okay, first I must start this blog post with this picture:

Who is this you ask? Kind of looks like Sienna Miller. But no, it’s not.

It’s actually country cutie Taylor Swift!! She is notorious for her long flowy curls, but she recently straightened her hair and got some bangin’ bangs! I personally LOVE this look on her. It makes her look older and more sophisticated! What do you all think?

I logged onto Twitter this morning and this photo was EVERYWHERE. I’m sorry, I just can’t get over how different she looks. I swear I’ll move onto food.

Breakfast: Berry Green Monster (and berry messy too)


  • 1/2 c greek yogurt (protein!)
  • couple handfuls of spinach
  • TJ’s frozen berry medley
  • Unsweetened vanilla almond milk
  • 1 packet of Truvia

I think I put a little too much yogurt in this because it was almost too tart for my liking! Crazy I know! When I walked outside this morning I instantly regretted my decision for a “cold” breakfast. It was 35 degrees! That is insane! But I was insistent on using the last of my spinach before I leave for the weekend (more on this later). So whatevs. I was cold, but I got over it. Eventually.

I got to work and actually “got to work.” We are moving offices here in the building and of course I left it until the last minute to pack up my things. Good thing I don’t really have all that much to pack! I took a break for a Greek yogurt mess. Yesterday’s “vow” I made to eat different foods will take into effect MONDAY, I promise!!! I’m just trying to use up all the food I currently have!

In fact, I won’t even bore you with a picture. You all know what it looks like!

Before I knew it lunch time rolled around. Usually I go for a walk on my lunch break, or sit outside in the nice hot sun, but today I was in no mood to be outside in the gloomy weather. So I heated up some of last night’s chicken noodle soup with a wasa cracker on the side, while I indulged in a little Glamour.


Okay. SJP looks AMAZING on the cover. I know a lot of people (ahem, Eric) who don’t really find her attractive, and I can see what they mean, BUT for the most part I always think she looks fabulous (hello Sex and the City), but definitely has very unique facial features. I think this is what makes her so beautiful!

I totally want this outfit. Every last bit of it. I want a sparkly little cardi like hers! I read online that hers is Oscar de la Renta. Yeah, not going to happen for me.1202sarah-jessica-parker-glamour_fa.jpg

I also really love this outfit (minus the weird graffiti inspired handbag). I must find a sweater like this!

sarah jessica parker jeans blazer


I got to talk to some of my favorite people at lunch time today! First Drea gave me a call while she was at World Market, and then about 15 minutes later my mom called me while SHE was at World Market. What a small world (market).  These two conversations seriously made my day!!!

I was actually SUPER busy all afternoon. Figures, too, because I wasn’t that busy in the morning, so I left all of my personal stuff (i.e. packing, blogging, etc.) for the afternoon. Bad idea. I was rushing around trying to do everything before 5PM. But I did have the chance to fuel my body through it all!

Afternoon snack came in the form of a granny smith apple (usually not a huge fan of granny smith’s, but lately Trader Joe’s have been AMAZING) and Justin’s Maple Almond Butter.

IMG_1471 OMG. I have never had this almond butter before, but I am officially addicted. Maple + almond = GENIUS. I am dying to try all of the Peanut Butter & Co. flavors, but I cannot find them ANYWHERE!!!

Alright bloggies, I gotta get outta here SNAP because I am driving to LA tonight!!! YAY! Yup, no work for me tomorrow, but on Monday I start my new job! EEKKK!!

See you in the morning!!


4 thoughts on “Random, But….

  1. Carly says:

    A couple of things…
    1) Holy crap. Justins almond maple butter is amazing. We used to have it at starbucks when I worked there and I used to take that crap like… Like the hamburglar.. except I was the butter burglar. EV. ER. Y. DAY.
    2) YAYYYY am I gonna see you when you come home???

  2. Maura says:

    I love the SJP pictures but am I the only one in the world that isn’t loving T.Swift’s new hair style. Good for her for changing it up but I’m partial to her perfectly curly locks. It won’t keep me from going to her concert this summer though!!! So excited for that!

  3. janetha b says:

    justin’s nut butters are the best. ever. so good! my WF carries the pb&co stuff~but i like justin’s better!

    sorry it took so long for me to catch up on your blog hun 🙂

  4. snackface says:

    No way! I prefer the straight! She looks so much more mature!

    SPJ CAN DO NO WRONG!!! I love her. She’s my idol.

    OMG I want to try that maple almond butter, but the jars are like $10. Why fall in love with something I can’t afford? So lame.

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