Holiday Wine Weekend

So I haven’t blogged since THURSDAY and I am going crazy! I have barely stopped moving ALL weekend, but I will tell you there were copious amounts of wine involved! So much went on this weekend, so I will try and be brief!

Thursday night Eric and I made the long (6 hour) drive to Thousand Oaks to visit my family. The drive was great albeit the horrible weather conditions!! It was pouring rain for about 25% of the drive, and it was frightening! I am not cut out for anything but sunshine πŸ™‚

I woke up Friday morning, with not nearly enough sleep, and headed out to the doctor’s office to go get my knee looked at. I was running late so I ate my first breakfast in the car!

This looks like coffee, but in reality it is was

Greek yogurt mess in a coffee mug. Perfection.

I went into the doctor and I was told that she thinks I either minorly tore or stressed/strain my medial ligament in my knee. I was prescribed some pain and anti-inflammatory meds and was sent on my way. So I need to stick with elliptical-ing and biking until my knee feels one hundred percent normal. Wah. Well, at least it is starting to feel better! πŸ™‚

I came home and had my second breakfast.

Amazing Grass Chocolate + Almond Milk. I was feeeling sluggish and knew I needed some greens to detoxify! It sure worked. Eric and I met my mom for lunch at this place I have been dying to go for a few months now. The Natural Cafe.

After much debate I ended up getting the Grilled Eggplant sandwich and the Vegetable Juice.

The sandwich was SO good. It had grilled eggplant, bell peppers, sprouts, pesto and feta cheese on 9-grain bread. It also came with some blue corn chips and salsa. The vegetable juice was also great, as I was still feeling a teeny bit sluggish. I am going to buy beets, celery and carrots and make my own juice!

The rest of the day was spent shopping (or lack there of) at the mall for Christmas gifts! We came home around 6 PM and Eric made some killer margaritas!! At this point and I had misplaced my camera and could not find it, so unfortunately I did not have any pictures of food! For dinner, I was bad and kind of just grazed in the fridge and pantry all night! ooops. We’ll just pretend that didn’t happen. Just like I’ll pretend I didn’t have a glass or two of wine AFTER the margarita. Oh well. It’s the holidays, right? πŸ˜‰

I eventually found my camera and was able to document the annual ornament gift-giving. Each year around Thanksgiving my grandparents get my sister and I an ornament for the Christmas tree. This year I was especially excited because this particular ornament hit the nail on the head for me.

What is this? A Nordstrom’s box?

A Nordstrom ornament! With shoes in a snow globe on top of a shopping bag! Story of my life, really. Well, actually there should be a tub of Greek yogurt in that snow globe instead.

After gift giving we all sat around and chatted for a while. These are some of my favorite times spent with my family. I miss them so much and I was so happy to see them (even happier that I go home again in less than 2 weeks)!

We woke up Saturday morning and we headed to the gym. I attempted to do the elliptical, bike, treadmill (walking), and row machine. Each of these minorly aggravated my knee so I immediately stopped. Eric worked it on the elliptical while I lifted all kinds of weights since it was all I could really do. I am vowing to stay off of my knee in an active cardio way until it feels better. And currently it is feeling good, but I know it’s not 100% just yet. I am so craving a run! Even if it’s just around the block! ARG!

We came home from the gym and I pigged out.

I love the festive pinecones and cranberries in the background! I ate a big mug of greek yogurt with puffins, pumpkin flax granola and fiber one with a green monster consisting of amazing grass chocolate, half a banana, almond milk, peanut butter and ice. This totally hit the spot after my less than mediocre workout.

We ended up meeting my parents for lunch at a sushi restaurant in town. I have just recently gotten into sushi, so I was excited to sit at the bar to see the chefs make the rolls!

My parents got this roll that was crazy insane. It was called the Halloween roll.

I think there was some tuna, shrimp tempura, avocado, and some other random stuff. I had a tiny bite and it was so good.

I also had a bowl of miso soup, cucumber salad and tuna sashimi.

I was not so good at using the chopsticks so Eric fed me periodically throughout the meal.

After lunch I took a mini catnap (I blame the drowsiness of the pain meds), but then got ready for a nice little get together at one of my friend’s house. Before heading out, Eric and I munched on veggies and drank Black Cherry Zevia (so good) in an effort to fill our tummies before dinner (this so did not work by the way).

The name of the game at the party was “bring a funny bottle of wine.” Whoever got the most votes won a prize! Guess who won the most votes?!? Yes! I actually won something! These were the wines Eric and I brought.

Bet you can’t tell which one I brought? Yup, I brought the Bitch wine! There were so many funny wines that I think should have won instead, such as….

Ball Buster and Gorgeous George

For dinner I had a little bit of everything. This included trip-tip, chicken, scalloped potatoes, garlic bread and salad.

It was so yummy and I had so much fun catching up with old friends.

After dinner I literally attacked the cookie bar. I was this was an understatement.

But how could I resist with things like peppermint bark, snickerdoodles, rice krispy treats, brownies, chocolate chip cookies (the list goes on I tell you). It was so worth it even though I went to bed with a slight stomachache from all the sweets.

We woke up this morning and had to drive back home and end our fabulous weekend. I did not take any food pictures today as I was in such a blah mood to return back to my normal life and start my new job tomorrow!! Yes, this is exciting but at the same time I am super nervous and have been somewhat nervous about starting! But I can tell you I ate some more greek yogurt, peanut butter and banana sandwiches, a Vega bar, Starbucks iced coffee, more greek yogurt, salad, pasta and MORE wine. I honestly think I am going to turn into a grape.

I will leave you with a picture of yet more grapes from our drive up the beautiful California coast on the 101. I hope you all had a great weekend and I can’t wait to catch up on all your blogs!!


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