Dessert for Dinner? Perfection!

Hello lovely blogger (and non-blogger) friends! We are almost halfway through our work week! Hooray! Time has flown by and I cannot even believe that next week is Christmas! I honestly cannot wait to go and spend some good quality time with my family!

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. πŸ™‚

So because of my new job, the time I show up to work is a bit more flexible. So this translated to sleeping in nearly half an hour later to catch a later train. Oh yes. Sweet sweet relief. I celebrated this triumph with a nice warm bowl of oats.

The usual suspects, 1/3 cup of oats, 1/4 cup of vanilla soymilk ( we are out of almond milk), 1/2 cup of water, 1/4 cup of pumpkin, down pour sprinkle of cinnamon, all topped off with almond butter and pumpkin butter. Oh these oats warmed my cold soul. It seriously gets down to like 30 degrees in the morning around these parts!

Nom nom nommity nom.

I eventually got to work and was greeted with my new desk and computer!

It’s pretty boring as of yet, but I promise I will decorate accordingly πŸ™‚

I was in meetings all morning and everything else, so by the time 11 ish rolled around I was about to chew my arm off! Greek yogurt to the rescue!

And of course blueberries, kashi go lean and trail mix. Perfect little morning pick me up to get me through my tasks.

I ate lunch at my desk (while I worked–oops), but it was pretty bomb diggity.

Half a Trader Joe’s Chicken Italian Sausage, spinach, grape tomatoes, reduced fat cheese and mustard. All in between an Oroweat sandwich thin. With some more grape tomatoes on the side. I may turn into a grape tomato. We’ll see. I inhaled this without even thinking really. I hate when that happens. No time to savor.

I literally spent the entire afternoon plugging away, but I managed to sneak in a Fuji apple around 4!

I was anxious to get out work because Eric and I were scheduled to make Christmas cookies!!!

We made a wide variety of sugar cookies. Plain sugar cookies, frosted sugar cookies, sprinkled sugar cookies, frosted AND sprinkled sugar cookies,

There was a cookie casualty…

(Eric’s fine decorating skills -Mr. and Mrs. Claus)

Cinnamon Pinwheels

Jam thumbprint cookies

And I also made some of these AMAZING Hug Pretzels courtesy of Abby (by way of Janetha). Seriously SO AMAZING.



All together now!

Finally around 9 PM I had dessert for dinner. A giant whole wheat tortilla spread with almond butter and pumpkin butter. I added sliced bananas and trail mix and popped it into the panini press!

I just finished this and I wish I had bout 8 more. Yum Yum.

Now it is time for bed before I pass out!

I hope you all had a very lovely Tuesday, and lets keep on truckin’ (who says that?) through the end of the week!


3 thoughts on “Dessert for Dinner? Perfection!

  1. lisamichele says:

    I saw you in the foodbuzz newsletter, and decided to come check you out. Boy am I glad I did! Not only do you have a great blog, but those HUG pretzels are to die for, and i just so happen to have a bag of pretzels that need to be used πŸ™‚ Great photos and write up too!

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