Dessert Coma

So where did I leave off yesterday?! Sorry about that BTW. I was in a kind of bad mood and the fact that my computer was being as slow as a snail certainly did not help my case. Or the fact that it was Sunday night and I had to get up early for work. or…. okay i’ll just leave it at that 🙂

So dinner moved on after the fabulous veggies, onion soup and ahi tuna. It was then time for presents!!!

Eric’s Dad and stepmom gave us a CROCK POT!!!! You have no idea (okay well you probably do) how excited I was to receive this gift! I have been reading about so many crock pot recipes lately but have never had the means to make them!! When I return from vacation at home I am going to be Queen of the Crockpot. Mark my words.

I then opened my gift. I was in awe of it’s beauty.

A gorgeous  engraved Tiffany’s bracelet. I had no words! It was so sweet of them to get me such a nice and personal gift. I have yet to take this bracelet off!!! And it’s been 3 days.

Unfortunately I was unable to give Eric’s dad his gift because it found its way all over the tile floor (yes, the tragic wine bottle incident you can read about here). Thankfully I was still able to give his stepmom a super cute shirt I found her. I was so happy to watch her face as she opened it. I think that’s the best part about gift giving. When you really give a perfect, appropriate gift that you know the person will love. I love watching their reaction!!

After gift giving was through it was time for dessert!! Although, get this: so dessert was on the house. You want to know why? Well during our veggie appetizer feast I nibbled on some bread. As I was chewing I bit down on something hard and was a bit confused. I thought it may have been a nut or something but something just wasnt right. So I pulled something out of my mouth and it ended up being a tiny little sliver of WOOD. Yes, wood. I mean I didn’t realize what it was at first, and I wasn’t hurt or anything, but it could have been a really bad and dangerous experience. I decided to let the waitress know so the restaurant could stop serving the bread (which they have delivered outside of the restaurant). So that was why our dessert was free! It was so worth it. So we went a bit dessert crazy.

Chocolate soufflé cake with vanilla bean ice cream

Apple fruit crisp with vanilla bean ice cream

caramelized banana chocolate sundae in a chocolate dipped waffle cone

I think the apple crisp was actually my favorite. I thought for sure the chocolate souffle would be my favorite, but the apple crisp was just over the top perfection. Crispy, cinnamon-y and warm. YUM.

Needless to say, we had an amazing evening. 🙂

Sunday (yesterday) was pretty uneventful. Ran some errands, sat on my behind, and also attempted a workout! Oh yeah, and I never went to that yoga/pilate fusion class on Saturday either. No time. Anyway, at the gym I attempted a go at the bike. I was actually doing well and did not feel any discomfort in my knee until about 7 minutes in. So as soon as I felt discomfort I immediately stopped. I managed to bike 2 miles and actually found out I like the stationary bike!! I can’t wait for my knee to be 100% better. I definitely think its on its way.

So today was a blah Monday at work. Thank goodness for 3 day work weeks. Morning snack consisted of a new Greek yogurt. The Greek God’s Non-fat Greek Yogurt.

The verdict? I did not like this yogurt NEARLY as much as ANY Greek yogurt I’ve ever had. Bummer. I ate it anyway though.

I had lunch at my desk. It was one of the better lunches I’ve had in a looooooong time. I had left over almond/corn flake encrusted chicken breast with home made “fried” rice. I’m not sure exactly what was in the rice but it was fantastic.

I got a little hungry around four and had a sliced apple with almond buttah.

Now Eric and I are set to do some serious present wrapping while watching Real Housewives of Orange County (YESS!!!)

And drink some much needed red wine.

Christmas is almost here!!!


2 thoughts on “Dessert Coma

  1. Maura says:

    I totally get your excitement about your Crockpot! I asked for one for Christmas this year and will be extremely pumped if it is under the tree. You know you are getting older when you start getting excited over kitchen appliances for X-mas, haha 🙂

  2. Andrea says:

    Oh my goodness – that is the kind of Greek Yogurt I tried the first and only time I attempted to eat Greek Yogurt! Now I feel empowered enough to try a different kind if you say that one is nasty too. Hurrah!

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