Wolfgang Puck’s L.A. Bistro

As the title of this post suggests, I had lunch at one of Wolfgang Puck’s many side restaurants today for lunch. The particular restaurant was Wolfgang Puck’s L.A. Bistro. Quite honestly I am not a HUGE fan of Wolfgang Puck’s restaurants/food that I have been to and tasted in the past. The only other actual dining experience I had was at a Wolfgang Puck’s Express in Santa Monica, CA which is basically a fast food version of his finer dining restaurants. Everything was already pre-made and you just picked up the dish while you waited in line. I was not too impressed with pre-fixed lasagna!

Needless to say, for some reason I had high expectations with this L.A. Bistro. It is new to our area and my mom has been raving about their french onion soup. Then I was sold.


We walk up to the restaurant and it is practically deserted except for one other man eating the biggest salad I have ever seen. The ambience and atmosphere instantly made me relaxed, yet it felt upscale at the same time. Think wood and bamboo, but modern and elegant. The menus were only one page and attached to clipboards. I thought this idea was simple yet memorable. I was a fan.

We first were greeted with some amazing crunchy parmasean flatbreads.

I munched on about half of one of these.

After this I could not decide what to order. I thought I had my heart set on the french onion soup but then my eye caught the butternut squash with red pepper soup. I was torn. I asked the waiter for his recommendation and he said the butternut squash was Wolfgang’s “signature dish.” Once again, I was sold.

The first thing I thought when I saw this was that it’s so pretty!!! I am so glad I opted to get this soup. It was thick but not too creamy or heavy. It had a rich butternut taste but the red pepper was evident and gave it even more of a sweetness. It was pretty much perfection in a bowl. I licked the bowl clean.

We also ordered a traditional margherita pizza to share (I went with my mom and dad–mom’s feeling a bit better BTW). I had one slice.

The tomatoes were so fresh!!! It was a tad on the greasy side (nothing that a little napkin blotting won’t fix) but other than that it was one of the better margherita pizzas I’ve ever had!

I will definitely be coming to this place again! Perhaps I will take Eric when he comes to visit TOMORROW!!! YAY!! I have been away from him for only a few days but I actually miss him terribly. We are so spoiled that we get to see each other every day. It really makes you think about taking someone or something for granted.

Last but not least, last night I went out to a local British bar/pub/restaurant with some friends. It was great to finally get out and see some amazing people and relax and have a beer! I haven’t had a beer in a long time. After some deliberation I wound up getting a Harp. This is an Irish lager, and I am a HUGE fan. It’s sweet and fruity and on the lighter side! Score!

I love my friends. ❀


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