Fear The Tree

Go Cardinal!! **The title of this post refers to the Stanford mascot– The Tree. Strange, I know, but he gets his groove on at all athletic events.

(Also, just a warning—my camera ate some of my pictures from yesterday. Yes, it ate them up. So I don’t have all my photos!!!!! SORRY!)

Last night I went to a Stanford Men’s Basketball Game with Eric and his Dad! There is something about being at a live arena that just gets me so pumped! The game itself was awesome, and Stanford ended up winning by 1 point in the last few seconds! Those are the best games, they always make me nervous!!! I was also so pumped to see my good friend Becca from college! Her dad went to Stanford (and played bball too) so she is always at those games! It was great to see a familiar face.

I was dressed appropriately of course 🙂

Picture 001

Have you all seen Victoria’s Secret Pink Collegiate Collection? It is the most freakin’ cute thing I have ever seen. They have a random list of colleges and universities that they create dorm wear for. I just HAD to get this Stanford Cardinal t-shirt!!!

Gotta represent!

Anyway, this is a food blog, yeah–quick recap of yesterdays eats!

Yesterday morning was quite the treat. I got to sleep in a bit because I could be at work a bit later. The only problem was I thought I had calculated my timing correctly, but I screwed up. I actually had to drive to a different train station because there were no trains at that time that stop at my normal stop. The new train station I went to this morning is only 1 stop further than my usual one. I thought this would only make about a few minutes difference. Not so much.

I did not account for traffic because it was later, OR the distance issue, OR paying for parking, etc. etc. Basically I huffed and puffed and barely made my train! PHEW!

So why do I tell you this useless, mundane story? Well my breakfast took a fancy culinary hit.

But it sure did not take a taste hit. I had a simple, yet fabulous banana + almond butter + pumpkin butter (Yes, I am still representing pumpkin, and will continue to) sandwich was SOOOOOOOOOOOO good. Totally hit the spot and was portable so I could take it on the road with me! Please picture this as like I said, I do not have a picture (wahhh).

Lunch was a recap of my fab quinoa dinner with chicken and veggies. I seriously am obsessed with quinoa! Do you all have any fun cooking methods or recipes that involve quinoa? I want to branch out and explore!!

I also had an unpictured apple and greek yogurt for a late afternoon snack. And COPIUS amounts of coffee and tea. MMM. Which I drank out of my new travel mug!! I love this thing!

This morning I woke up and had to be in at work early for a conference call. I munched on some cheerios and trail mix out the door and stopped at Starbucks from some Perfect Oatmeal + sliced banana + grande coffee for my "real" breakfast. Totally hit the spot as I sat at my desk, alone, in the dark.

Picture 002 Picture 004

Alright, now I gotta go get some work done! We are almost through the week people!!

What are your weekend plans?

Friday Eric and I are going to make pizzas and enjoy a romantic lazy night in. I am going to yet ANOTHER Stanford basketball game on Saturday, followed by dinner and shopping at the mall! Sunday should be a nice, relaxing day with Eric 🙂


One thought on “Fear The Tree

  1. catrina says:

    I’m jetting to Seattle this weekend to visit some friends! 🙂

    I discovered this am…greek yogurt+apple butter (+fiber one…obviously substitutable)= WIN. I loved it. It was very cinnamon-y and delicious. I thought “OMG, I have to tell Sarah so she can try this!”

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