Caffeine Craze

Okay. Did any one else watch Lost last night? Were you as tripped out by what happened as I was? Did it also keep you up until well after 11PM, therefore making you dead tired all day today. Yup, story of my life today.

I had this….

Picture 042

times about 6. No joke. I started off with one cup in the AM when I woke up. Then the equivalent of two cups on the way to work. Then this big iced coffee you see here an hour later.

I eventually got out of my tired funk around noon. I kid you not, I have never felt like such a zombie before! I don’t even know why! I am the type of person that NEEDS at least, AT LEAST, 6 hours of sleep—preferable 7-8 hours. Last night I got about 5-5.5 hours. Ugh. Never again. Thank goodness I was not scheduled to run this morning—phew!

On to my eats.

Because I knew I would be up late watching Lost, I gathered all of my breakfast, snack and lunch things last night so this morning would require minimal effort all around. I pre-mixed a breakfast cookie and kept it in the fridge over night. I popped it in the microwave for about 1 minute and then topped it with almond butter and sliced bananas. Yum. Seriously I am obsessed. Please try making these if you have not yet!

I had breakfast a bit earlier than usual because I had to be in the office early for a conference call (hello 5 hours of sleep), so I was hungry for my snack by 10AM.

Enter snack of champions that held my tummy over until about 1:30PM!! Oh Greek yogurt, we must never part.

Picture 041

I made the trek on over to Whole Foods before I ate lunch to gather some things for dinner tonight. I have a plan to make some kind of mini stir-fry tonight—so we will see!!

I came back and heated up yet another black bean tofu taco! These are so good and filling and I still have one more in the fridge at home! Yes!

Picture 039

With some peppered zucchini on the side.

Around 4PM I was  craving something sweet—but I KNEW I wasn’t hungry. So I opted for this new tea! Fruit and Almond Herb Tea by Bigelow.

Picture 044

WOW this is SO good. I love it. It may have to be my new nighttime tea once I run out of Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride (my heart will break when that is gone).

I was about to leave work when I noticed a packaged was delivered for me!!! It was from my grandma….for Valentine’s Day!! She is so sweet!Picture 043She got me a beautiful blue silky button down shirt from Banana Republic! I cannot wait to wear it to work! *pictures to follow I promise!**

Alright , I am off to make my stir fry concoction. Wish me luck. Will post a recap/recipe tomorrow!!


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