Food, Friends & Friday Festivities

It’s the freakin’ weekend baby Imma ‘bout to have me some fun 🙂

Talk about a high school flashback!! I absolutely love R Kelly’s Remix to Ignition. It’s such a great song and brings me back to my high school dance days.

Today is all about “F’s.” No, not that you sick minded people. I’m talking about:


Breakfast cookie with almond butter and sliced bananas. Kept me full for SO LONG! (and yes, tin foil is the new plate)

Picture 053

Greek yogurt mess (these are never as pretty as everyone else’s messes in the blogosphere….why?!?!?!)

Picture 054

Fab Whole Foods salad/hot bar concoction/garbage plate

Picture 062

Crack No. 7

Picture 059

So funny story. I grabbed one of these to look at it, and there was a girl behind me who literally shouted (and all jittery-like)

“Can you grab me one of those!!!!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?”

And I so graciously gave her mine because she looked as though she may attack me if she couldn’t have access to her Kombucha.

So I said, “Here have this one.”

And she’s said “No. 7 is the BEST!”

Then I said, “Oh, really? I’ve never had this one…I’ll take your word for it.”

So then I proceeded to grab one for myself. And then she kind of whispers to me, like it’s a secret, “yeah and if you drink it really fast, it’ll give you a buzz.” And then she walked away. HA. I love it. Crazy Whole Foods people. She was also lugging around this HUGE trash bag full of stuff. Not too sure about that one….


Lunch date with Aleece at Whole Foods. What better way to spend a Friday???

Picture 055

Fitness Magazines:

Runner’s World. Yahoo!!!! Kara Goucher is so freakin’ toned!!! What an inspiration!

Picture 060

Fantastic Junk Food:

Beard papas around 3.

Picture 056

I dabbled in this fantastic little puff of joy.

Picture 057 Picture 058

Fruity Drinks:

Picture 061

Margaritas make my heart flutter 🙂


guilty. I have already tainted my one month of being vegetarian. There was a good reason though! Eric’s mom made us all a fabulously yummy dinner with some fine cuts of meat. Filet mignon used to be my most FAVORITE thing in the entire world. Now I only have it on rare occasions (such as this one). I did not know she would be making this, and I couldn’t turn it away! That would juts be rude! I only ate about half anyway.

Fueling for my morning run! No picture for this, but I need SLEEP! I’m hoping to squeeze in 7 miles tomorrow. Hopefully it’s not raining!

FELICIDADES everyone!!


One thought on “Food, Friends & Friday Festivities

  1. Carly says:

    Hey, doesn’t felicidades mean congratulations?

    YOU ARE SILLY GIIIRL ( said in an accent)

    Ps: Glad you’re bloggin again sista. AND running.

    Half marathon? Lets do it!

    Sista carly

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