6 Before 6

I want to begin this post by evaluating how I’ve handled my “back on track” items that I talked about at the end of this post:

#1. Blogging on a more regular basis. Hopefully once a day, working back into a regular routine. Reading blogs, COMMENTING on blogs. You all are so wonderful. Even throughout my hiatus, I notice people STILL read my blog.
*3/5 stars. I’ve been more consistent with blogging (although not every day), but I have been lacking in the comment department!!!

#2. Running 4 times a week, lifting weights 2-3 times a week. Hopefully incorporating 1 day of cross training (we will see if this actually happens).
*4/5 stars. I’ve consistently ran four times a week. I’ve briefly lifted weights 1-2 times a week, but I have not incorporated any form of cross training in the past two weeks. Must work on this!

#3. Drink plenty of water in excess.
*5/5 stars. I’m drinking water like it’s my job! Check check!

#4. Incorporate protein into EVERY meal.
*4/5 stars. I’ve managed to incorporate protein into most all of my meals. Snacks are a bit harder, but overall I’m consuming a lot of protein.

#5. Training for a half marathon (and eventually a marathon)!
*4/5 stars. While I haven’t made an actual training plan, I am slowly adding mileage and speed workouts to get to that half marathon! Most likely the Santa Cruz half marathon!

#6. Making dinner at least 3 nights a week. Any simple, easy, healthy, CHEAP recipes you can suggest?!?
*2/5 stars. I have slacked in this department. I’ve probably made dinner about once a week (but this usually has tons of leftovers). Need to work on this one for sure.

#7. Starting today, February 1, I will practice vegetarianism (perhaps a pescatarian) for the entire month!  A new challenge for me!! (hence the title of this post)
*5/5 stars! Okay except for my one episode with filet mignon, BUT that was more out of politeness than anything, right? Other than that I have not touched meat! And I feel great!

Alright! So not too shabby I suppose! I think my training (#5), exercising 4 days a week (#2), and drinking water (#3) are the easiest things for me to accomplish and keep with. Eating protein is right up there as I truly do try and have a good amount of it throughout the day—not necessarily at every meal (although this is ideal). I’ll check back next month to see my progress on the departments I am lacking in 😦

Anywho, so I had a conference call (or so I thought) at 8AM this morning, so my early morning dreadmill run had to happen super early. Like 4:30AM early. Yuck. I debated sleeping in and cutting my run short, but as usual I’m glad I went! I ended up running 6 miles and by the time I was done I was so sweaty and tired! I wanted to take a nice hot shower, curl up with a nice hot cup of tea and get back into bed. Oh how I wish. On my way to work I had this:

Trader Joe’s pasta sauce? I think not. Look closely…

Green monster! Because my Shake N’ Take broke on Tuesday I am using old jars to carry my green smoothies to work in. This one was especially good for some reason! The night before I threw the following into the food processor and stuck it in the freezer (less time in the AM):

Spinach, frozen banana, chocolate protein powder, flax seed and a scoop of almond butter. In the morning I added some almond milk and ice and I had my green smoothie in an instant! What a time saver!

I finished it up with a baggie full of blueberries! Yum!!

So as I was strolling into work around 7:30AM, I received an email that our call was CANCELLED. I woke up an extra hour early to get my run squeezed in AND I was at work nearly an hour earlier than usual. Ugh. Needless to say I enjoyed some coffee and a quiet office while I got some work done.

I became quite famished around 10AM and dug into some greek yogurt with puffins, kashi go lean and chopped apple. Nom nom. Always satisfies every craving I tell you!

I was hungry shortly after – I guess that’s what six miles will do – and I ate this baby clementine to hold my hunger off until lunch.

Seriously—the tiniest one I’ve ever seen!

When lunch finally did roll around I made the trek out to Whole Foods for a wholesome, fresh salad. Looks like an ordinary salad, no?

Look closer…

I piled in edamame salad, kale and avocado salad, sweet potatoes, lentils, bulgur, and a million other things before topping it with spinach.

Oh, and some protein! Yes, this is grilled tofu, not chicken 🙂

Whole Foods, you own me. Entirely.

As the afternoon carried on I sipped on plenty of water and had two peanut M&M’s. There is just something about peanuts and chocolate that just make the world go round (and are extremely irresistible). Speaking of chocolate, I am trying to pick a restaurant to go to for Valentine’s Day. Any good Bay Area suggestions? I have one or two in mind including Shokolaat. I’ve never been here, but it looks fantastic! And they have a wide selection of chocolates, truffles and desserts. I can’t pass up good chocolate!

As I was leaving work I sipped on Kombucha #7 on my way to the Stanford basketball game! I love watching sporting events in person—so much more exciting!

Picture 059

During the game Eric and I munched on an unsalted pretzel and tons of veggies!! Seriously I was so full when I got home, I considered that my dinner! Now I am sipping on a cup of Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride tea before hitting the hay.

I know I promised you a fabulous running article discussion, but that may have to wait until tomorrow. I was slammed all day and night and have not gotten a chance to get into it. Sit tight my lovelies.


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