Birthday Dinner Preparation

Sad news. My camera cord is MIA at the moment and I am kind of freaking out. Normally this wouldn’t be an issue and I can just insert my memory card into my computer, but my MacBook does not have an output for that!!! I am stuck! Perhaps I will have to use my iPhone until I figure out where the cord is.

Anyway, life has been hectic for me—in a good way! This weekend flew by (and another one is just around the corner)! As always, I spent it with Eric and we had a low-key Valentine’s Day of home cooked meals/appetizers and champagne! I picked up these dark chocolate champagne truffles for us to split after dinner. They were FABULOUS. I wish I could show you the picture 😦

As I mentioned, the past few days have been an absolute blur. With work and the long weekend, things have just flown by! Some highlights:

I made my first ever Lululemon purchase!! I know, crazy right?? I did not realize there was one a few miles away from our apartment, so I dragged Eric there on Sunday afternoon. Now, I wanted everything in the store–I mean everything–but I am saving money, so I ended up buying a very cute, yet practical head band to keep my bangs back while I run. The particular headband I bought is called the Luon Headband and retails for $9.

IMG_0188Needless to say, it was a great purchase! It stayed snug and in place for my 5 mile run on Monday morning.

The rest of the week I spent gearing up for tomorrow night! Eric and I are heading to his mom’s house to cook her dinner for her birthday! Since I have to come straight from work and won’t make it to her house until about 6 or 6:30, I decided to make some stuff in advance that I can pop in the oven to bake when I get there (less work—more socializing)!

After hours of trying to decide what to make I opted for the following:

Giada’s Spicy Baked Macaroni for the main course

Lemon Asparagus as a side dish

Salad (Eric’s work and you know it will be healthified)

Makeover Peanut Butter Cup Cheesecake for dessert

Last night Eric and I made the cheesecake, and tonight we are making the spicy baked macaroni.

We altered the recipe just a tad – we used mostly 2 blocks of reduced fat cream cheese (instead of 1) and only 1 block of fat free cream cheese (instead of 2), and we replaced the reduced fat sour cream with fat free greek yogurt (protein baby!).

I’ve never made any of these before, so of course I am a little bit hesitant to serve them to Eric’s mom, BUT I mean, how can you go wrong with graham crackers, chocolate, cream cheese and peanut butter?

Tonight we will make the spicy baked macaroni and I will document it with my iPhone! Stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “Birthday Dinner Preparation

  1. danica says:

    Sarah ~ You can totally get an SD card adapter to plug into your computer. They are pretty cheap too, like $20. You insert your card into it and then plug it into an SB port on your computer.

    Yeah for Lulu purchases and fun meal plan. It all sounds amazing!

    Have a great weekend!


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