Finally Friday

Happy Friday all my lovely readers! 🙂

What are all of your weekend plans?! Mine is definitely going to be food-filled.

I’m actually pretty excited by mine. As I mentioned yesterday, tonight Eric and I are making dinner for his mom for her birthday. We will be enjoying (hopefully) fabulous food, drinks, celebrations and conversation – I’m most definitely counting the minutes. I also mentioned that I would document the Spicy Baked Macaroni via the camera on my iPhone. Well—things got a little crazy in the kitchen and I was a mad woman left and right and  didn’t quite bring my phone into it all, and Eric was such a blessing my doing ALL of my dirty dishes 😦 I will post the recipe and a picture of the final result this weekend!

Saturday I plan to wake up bright and early to squeeze in a 9 mile run. The weather is supposed to be kind of rainy and dreary, but I am looking forward to the nice cool weather. I plan on spending the day running errands, organizing my clutter in the apartment (I need to do this SO badly-right Eric?), taking a trip to Whole Foods (obvi), and then eventually get myself all prettied up because Eric and I are going to check out this little cafe we stumbled upon last weekend called Cafe Epi. It is SO adorable and basically you can go there for a coffee and a pastry, OR they serve wine by the glass and offer cheese plates, burgers, fries, salads, soups, sides, veggies—you name it—it’s there. We plan on enjoying ourselves and having an early evening and enjoying a glass of wine, a cheese plate and maybe a bowl of soup. I am BEYOND excited for this because Eric and I seldom go out to eat. We mostly like to eat at home and save up cash. It’s a rarity when we actually venture out somewhere! I’m getting so excited just thinking about it!

Sunday we have more dining plans with Eric’s mom for lunch/brunch followed up with relaxation and figuring out what dinners/lunches to make for the upcoming week. I got a new magazine called Taste of Home – Healthy Cooking, and there are some seriously yummy things in there!

Because I have nothing to say and am uber boring lately-especially without camera cord, I encourage you all to read my friend Natalie’s blog. She brings up some great topics for discussion as well as ways to stay grounded and true to yourself. I find myself reading her blog when I feel stressed or just want some good advice!

Happy Friday all – must limit my margarita intake for my 9 miler in the AM! You all can hold me accountable!


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