Celebration, New PDR and Donuts

Friday night started off with a celebration. Champagne was in order. However this was no typical “Champagne Friday.” There was a special celebration tied to this one.

It even called for a fancy champagne Eric got for Christmas that we have been waiting to open for a special occasion.

A Cava from Spain — in an extremely fancy and heavy bottle (and mighty tasty might I add).

What is this celebration for, Β you ask?

No, we are not engaged πŸ™‚

But Eric received a job offer!!! He officially accepted a real job! I am beyond proud of him considering he is still finishing up graduate school yet managed to secure a job! This was a special evening, and we cheered to “us” and our future together.

We managed to polish off that bottle. Oops. It was a celebration, right?

The next morning I somehow managed to set my newest PDR (personal distance record)!

11 miles. WOW. For some reason it was a million times more mentally draining than 10 miles. I felt really good for 6-7 miles, but the last few were tough. I was FAMISHED by the time I got home, so I made a killer green monster which I inhaled in about .4 seconds.

In the afternoon Eric and I made Β a trip to Whole Foods (per usual) before going to the Stanford/Arizona men’s basketball game. In true celebratory fashion we ate a vegan maple coconut donut.

Paired with a Kombucha of course πŸ™‚

The basketball game was SO close.!!! Stanford ended up losing by two points in the last second! It was so suspenseful! These are always the most entertaining games.

Stanford’s mascot is “the tree.” This week happened to be tryouts for next years mascot. So instead of having one tree dance around during timeouts like usual, there were FOUR different trees dancing around.

It was too funny to see all these tall, lanky “trees” dancing around. At the end of the game they announced the “new” tree for next year.

The evening ended with some great time with Eric’s family. We talked, drank wine and celebrated Eric’s new job offer. Those 11 miles really wore me out, because by about 9:30 I was ready to hit the hay.

I woke up this morning and pounded out a quick 5 miles and lifted some weights at the gym. I decided to have a “me” day and went to the mall. On the way I drank another green monster.

Mustache and all πŸ™‚

I ended up using an old J Crew giftcard and got myself this super cute spring time t shirt.

The rest of today was spent being lazy and roaming around Target and Whole Foods. I can’t complain. I am gearing up for another hectic week at work, but in the meantime I am going to go snuggle with my newly employed boy!

I hope you all had a great weekend!

*Oh, and if you couldn’t tell, I found my camera cord!!!*


One thought on “Celebration, New PDR and Donuts

  1. drea says:

    aww yay!! so exciting. haha luckily you’re training for the shenanigans in april cause you’re going to have to carry me. maybe you should start running with eric on your back =)

    love love that shirt! oh and im pretty sure we were probably at target at the same time caaaause thats how i spent my day.

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