Goin’ Back, Back to (So) Cali, Cali

So I am feeling so crazy busy lately! I hate being MIA from the blog world so I will give you a recap of what’s been goin’ on my life lately!

First things first – lets review my goals for February

#1. Blogging on a more regular basis. Hopefully once a day, working back into a regular routine. Reading blogs, COMMENTING on blogs. You all are so wonderful. Even throughout my hiatus, I notice people STILL read my blog.

Well, as you all know I have not been keeping up on this one. For a while it was because I lost my camera cord. Now it is because I have been so busy at work. Sometimes working 10 hour days (plus a 2 hours commute), so by the time I get home I want to crash.

#2. Running 4 times a week, lifting weights 2-3 times a week. Hopefully incorporating 1 day of cross training (we will see if this actually happens).

I have been keeping track with this! I’ve been running 4-5 times a week and lifting about 2 times a week. Unfortunately when I lift it has not been as extensive as I would like. I quickly run out of things to do and end up finishing way earlier than I intended to. I need to get a set plan and know what that is before I go to the gym.

#3. Drink plenty of water in excess.

Check, check! I’ve been drinking water like it’s my job. Gee I wish it was.

#4. Incorporate protein into EVERY meal.

I’ve been pretty good about this. I think I need to incorporate more food varieties in general into my diet.  I know what I like and I stick to it – B-O-R-I-N-G

#5. Training for a half marathon (and eventually a marathon).

Success! I officially signed up for the Santa Cruz half marathon on April 11. I’ve been getting some longer runs under my belt – I have 12 miles planned for Saturday. Next stop – Nike Women’s Marathon!

#6. Making dinner at least 3 nights a week. Any simple, easy, healthy, CHEAP recipes you can suggest?!?

Epic fail. On all accounts. I even write that I am going to gather recipes for the week. I never do. I need to get on this stat.

#7. Starting today, February 1, I will practice vegetarianism (perhaps a pescatarian) for the entire month!  A new challenge for me!! (hence the title of this post)

Okay so I was a vegetarian most of the time. I had meat about two times. I still have a ton of energy and feel fully satisfied. I think I will keep to this and only have chicken, turkey, ham and fish on the occasion.

Alright, so all around pretty good, but definitely need to work on some things.

In other news, I am goin’ back, back to (S0) Cali, Cali tomorrow to visit my family!! I cannot wait! It’s honestly all I can think about and it’s what’s been keeping me going through this brutal work week. It’s time for some relaxation and good quality time with the fam.

Some recent eats include:

Picture 091

Whole Foods Salad Messes – these are my favorite. The past two Friday’s (and I forsee this happening again tomorrow)

Picture 096Picture 097

Trader Joe’s Sunny California Roll – wrapped in carrot! SOOO YUMMY! I seriously LOVE these and they keep me super full! And to think, a few months ago I despised sushi! Oh the horror.

Picture 099

Obviously, Greek yogurt has been ever present. I just can’t get over this stuff. It’s amazing. Check out these stats. 1 cup = 120 calories and 22g protein!! Unbelievable!

Picture 100 

Favorite part of my morning…. a nice big serving of greek yogurt and various cereals, trail mix, etc.

Picture 101

Worst part of my morning follows shortly after…..

Picture 102

So depressing.

I’ve also had a couple of green monsters post work-out on my way to work.

Picture 098

Transported in old Kombucha bottles. Oh I want one of these right now! I am SO addicted it’s not even funny.

For lunch on Tuesday I had a yummy tofu veggie sandwich with sprouts. Topped with ketchup and mustard.

Picture 103

Followed by crazy amounts of vegetables. Honestly I am going to turn into a zucchini (much more flattering than a grape tomato, dontcha think)?

Picture 104

It’s that time of year….

Picture 105

Yes, I’ve been suckered in. I just can’t say no to a Thin Mint (or 12).

Breakfast cookies have also been ever present in my life. They are so quick (I can make them at night and pop them into the toaster/microwave before heading out the door in the AM) oh, and they are MIGHTY tasty too.

Picture 094

Especially when paired with a little I Heart Radio and Ryan Seacrest on 102.7 (my other love -  besides Eric of course).

Picture 095

Although the weather has been mediocre at best these past few weeks (where is the SUNSHINE?!?! This girl needs some REAL vitamin D – not just supplements) I did manage to capture this beautifully serene sunrise on my way to work one morning.

Picture 093

And iced coffee has pretty much fueled me through all this madness!

Picture 108

Speaking of – did you all hear how Starbucks is now testing out a 31 oz. iced coffee and tea size in the Tampa and Phoenix markets?! WOW that is a lot of caffeine. I wonder if it will pick up? My guess is yes – unfortunately we live in the Super Size Me generation. Yuck. Oh and it’s called a Trenta size.

Fun fact:

When I worked at Starbucks people often asked why the tall is the smallest and grande the middle size. It doesn’t really make sense because when you hear “tall” you automatically think ‘large’ or ‘big’.’ But then they go and throw “grande” in there, which also means ‘big’.’ How confusing. Well, when Starbucks first started there were only two sizes. A “short” (8 oz)  and a “tall” (12 oz). So at this time, the “tall” actually was the largest size. The eventually added “grande” (16 oz) and “venti” (20 oz hot, 24 oz cold) and then the whole size/cup name process got thrown out the window. And there you have it. The evolution of the Starbucks drink size.

And some other events:

As you know, Eric is officially employed, so I wanted to congratulate him by making some healthy (er) cupcakes!

I took a box of devil’s food cake mix and combined it with one 15 oz. can of pure pumpkin. Mixed them together and baked at 400 degrees for 20 minutes. They come out SUPER moist and delicious. Oh, and I may have snuck in some butterscotch and chocolate chips as well. 😉

Picture 092

 Picture 088   

(yes, my nickname for him is ‘Bear’.’ Don’t make fun).

Anyway, this morning started out FABULOUS with a great 4.5 mile speed interval workout. It went something like this:

Minutes Speed Incline
0-2 7.5 1.5
2-3 9 1.5
3-5 7.5 1.5
5-6 9 1.5
6-8 7.5 1.5
8-9 9 2
9-11 8 2
11-12 9 2
12-14 8 2
14-15 9 2
15-17 8 2
17-19 9 2
19-21 8 2
21-22 9 2
22-24 7.5 2
24-26 9 2
26-28 8 2
28-29 9 2
29-31 8 2
31-33 9 2
33-34 9.5 2

Basically I alternated 1-2 minutes of a flat out sprint (9mph) with 2 minutes of a moderately comfortable pace (7.5-8).

This is HARD work. I am trying to change up my running to keep my muscles guessing. I think this was good. And I ended up running 4.5 miles in 34 minutes. WOW. I’ll take it.

Now I gotta pound out my day and get myself all packed and ready to go for my trip home tomorrow! YAY!

Ciao my friends!


3 thoughts on “Goin’ Back, Back to (So) Cali, Cali

  1. Tj says:

    All of your food looks GOOD! I love getting salads from Whole foods- but the dressing choices STINK! No low fat choices! I think when it warms up and we go for lunches I’m going to take my own with me. lol 🙂

  2. catrina says:

    That photo of Eric is so adorable! He looks so happy.

    I’m thinking about making some breakfast cookies myself…how do they travel? I mean…will airport security swipe them? 😉

    Congrats on your running girl, you’re a rockstar!! 🙂

  3. danica says:

    You are doing AWESOME with your goals and list – keep up the great work.

    Look at you go already eyeing a marathon after you haven’t even done your first 1/2

    Did I tell you we are having a bay area blogger meet up soon? Want to come?

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