European Getaway Part 2

Stop #2: Strausbourg, France


I was the “official” navigator of this trip. I have a lot of pride in my navigational skills, and I must admit, I don’t think we would have gotten anywhere without my fabulous abilities 😉

Strasbourg had so much to offer!

image image

Beautiful streets and canals


The most AMAZING cathedral.

The only thing we did not approve of was the “coffee.”


No Venti Stabucks here my friends.

After spending the afternoon in Strasbourg we were on our way to the next stop! But before we got there we made a life-altering rest stop.


Behold E. Leclerc: The French Target. Yes, my loves, I found my home in France. We were so happy. Grocery store!!!!!


I had to be cliché French and get a baguette, cheese, mustard and champagne. Okay – lets face it. This was an EVERY DAY event.


After prying me away from all of the goodness we finally got back on the road and made it to destination number 3!

Stop #2: Riquewihr, France


We got there a bit late so we headed out to dinner!


I ordered some kind of duck breast (honestly I can’t remember – so many good meals), sweet potato mash, tomatoes and lettuce. All topped off with a cute heart shaped pretzel! Mmm so good, but a little too rich for my liking!


We were all pooped from the day’s journey so we called it a night. When we woke up I poked my head out the window and gasped at the beauty!


This was honestly a town right out of Fantasyland and Disneyland. No joke.

After a small breakfast at the hotel we took off to the next town over. This town was all about wine and storks.



Apparently it is really good luck to see a stork! We all got so excited that we would have great luck, but then we found out that the storks come out in March to mate and we ended up seeing quite a few after this snapshot was taken. Not so rare and lucky anymore!

We stopped for a quick bite to eat and enjoy the French sunshine.


So excited to get Dijon Mustard packets!!!


We eventually made our way back to our town to explore.


See what I mean? Total Disneyland!!!

That night we ate dinner at the same restaurant as the night before. I got a much smaller dish that was not as heavy (sorry – no pictures)!

We woke up and were once again on the move!

Stop #4: Beanue, France

A whole lot of this went on in Beaune.


I am not ashamed.

Beaune was a cute old town surrounded by a great wall. It was very old, but beautiful at the same time. Our hotel, on the other hand, was not old,  but very modern and funky.

image image

See the funky, lit up sinks? Very modern, but relaxing at the same time.

We took a great tour of Burgundy wine country while we were there. A little local French woman drove us around some back roads through beautiful wineries.



A wine tour would be incomplete without tastings!



image image


Oddly enough, the wine tasting continued a few hours later at the Marche Aux Vins. Quite possibly the coolest thing I have ever seen/done. This was a wine tasting of 15 different wines, mostly Pinot Noirs from Burgundy, in an underground cave!!

image image image image image

Followed by a grandiose room where they entice you to buy the wine you just tasted.


That persuasive enticing (after you’ve tasted 15+ wines) really does work.


As Eric so perfectly put it – it’s like buying a car in the wine world. Doesn’t this look like a car sales negotiation? Needless to say a lot of wine was purchased. I really only liked about 3 of the wines we sampled. I came to the sad conclusion that I really am a California Wine Girl at heart. Overall, the French wines I tasted were too complex and vinegar-y for my liking. Go ahead, blame it on my poor palate, but honestly, there is something so perfect about a California Pinot Noir that cannot be replicated!

After the wine consumption it was time for dinner. We went to this really nice restaurant, and when we walked in I was immediately confronted with this masterpiece.


The biggest, smelliest cheese plate I have ever seen.

Unfortunately, the rest of the dinner was undocumented as the restaurant was very uptight about photography. I had boeuf bourguignon – so Julia Child of me. It was delicious.

Alright kiddies, the recap ends here. Tomorrow I will finish the last of my recap and give you my awesome Sante Fe Crock Pot Chicken recipe!


3 thoughts on “European Getaway Part 2

  1. drea says:

    hahaha eric’s faces in these, especially the coffee hilarious. that little town is definitely disneyland! i love it! they should have their own belle walk around…ok that might be weird, but excited would you be?

    ahh you two are so cute. love it!

  2. danica says:

    Maybe I should give France another chance after seeing your pics 🙂 I wasn’t so impressed with it when I was there – I was like what’s all the hype about…Totally Disneyland like though – LOVE it!

    You all are just too cute….Love your red polish and design on your fingernail 😀

    Can’t wait for the next recap and your recipe!

  3. catrina says:

    Welcome back, champ.

    French wine, in my opinion, is frequently faulty. (Many, many people disagree.) They allow something called Brettanomyces to grow in their wine a lot (it is another yeast)…they think it adds complexity. In my world, it adds barnyard smells and vinegar. So, you might be an enologist after all 😉

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