Fashion Friday + Nike Half Marathon Lottery Results

Happy Friday everyone. We made it through this crazy hectic week. Thank goodness. Kick off your shoes and enjoy the weekend ahead. You deserve it.

I’ve decided to institute a “Fashion Friday” into my blog. I’ve seen this on a few other blogs in the past, and I think it’s a fabulous idea. Especially since I’m so into clothes, shoes, accessories, makeup, pretty much everything I can’t really afford, but wish I could! I will typically post my outfit for the day (or my favorite outfit of the week) and also feature a celebrity look that I am ga-ga over.

So, let Fashion Friday begin……

I try and incorporate fashion into my everyday wardrobe depending on how I feel that particular day. This is the exact reason that I am SO horrible at packing for a trip (whether it be 2 days or 10) because I never know what I may be in the mood to wear 3 days from now. You just can’t ask that much of me. I’ve tried to explain this to Eric as he is the one who is always lugging my overly stuffed suitcase around – and I think he’s starting to come to terms. Or he just politely nods his head while he does not listen to a word I say 🙂

Anyway – I’m pretty lucky that I work in an advertising agency where you can wear a really nice suit one day and jeans, peasant top and flats the next day. It’s so versatile. It makes getting dressed in the morning very easy and I don’t have to spend a ton of money on a “work wardrobe.”

For instance, I can wear something like this


  • Shirt: Forever 21
  • Cords: J Crew
  • Sweater: Splendid (Nordy’s rack)
  • Boots: Target
  • Belt: J Crew
  • Scarf: Abercrombie (about 4 years ago, still one of my FAVORITE scarves)


    Or something a bit more dressy like this:


    • Dress: On sale at Banana Republic
    • Jewelry: mix of Forever, Banana, and Nordstrom Rack
    • Tights: J Crew
    • Shoes: Cathy Jean

    Pretty much anything goes.

    Today’s outfit: (please forgive my kinky hair and floppy belt)

     Picture 303

    • Dress: Ann Taylor
    • Sweater: J Crew
    • Flower Belt: J Crew
    • Shoes: Cathy Jean
    • Earrings:  Banana Republic
    • Jewelry: pretty much every nice piece of jewelry I own I wore today 🙂 We’re talking YEARS of birthdays, Christmas’ and graduations for 5 key items. I seriously wear at least one every single day.

    Celebrity Look of the Week:

    This week this award goes to Kate Beckinsale at the Tod’s Beverly Hills event.


    WOW. I am loving EVERYTHING about this look. The color, the style, her toned and tanned arms and gams, her stunning makeup and simplistic jewelry choices. Bravo, Kate. Bravo.


    Photos courtesy of

    Okay – enough fashion. Bring on the food.

    I woke up this morning craving something a little different for breakfast. I’ve recently seen Caitlin create stuffed banana french toast, but I didn’t really have a whole lot of time for that. So I improvised.

    Grilled Banana and Almond Butter Breakfast Sandwich

  • Picture 295

    • 2 slices of bread
    • half a sliced banana
    • 1 tbsp. of almond butter
    • 1 tsp. of pumpkin butter

    Picture 289

    I spread the almond and pumpkin butters on the two slices of bread and topped with some banana slices.

    Picture 290 Picture 291

    I pressed the sandwich together and popped it into my fabulous panini press. I let it grill until the bread got crunchy and the bananas and almond butter melted together.

    Picture 293

    I decided last minute that I needed some cinnamon, so I sprinkled doused some in my sandwich before eating. I also added some strawberries and blueberries on the side for good measure. (I just realized this picture was blurry – woops).

    Picture 294

    I enjoyed this breakfast while watching about 15 minutes of the Hills season 1!!! It happened to be on MTV. I was totally brought back to the good ol’ college days. And the days where Heidi actually looked like a human being.


    (photo courtesy of


    (photo courtesy of

    Ugh. Trainwreck. Sorry, I said it. It’s just she was so pretty before all of the surgery (and the Spencer manipulation). My friend Ange actually wrote a great blog post about Heidi’s surgery (there is also a Part 2 to that post).

    So as delicious as my breakfast was, it only kept me satisfied for about 2 hours. Not cool. So I broke into some Trader Joe’s Lite Kettle Corn a bit earlier than I anticipated.

    Picture 297

    My stomach started to grumble around noon, but I knew I was going to meet my friend Aleece for lunch at Whole Foods in 45 minutes. I held out and chewed some gum because I knew I was going to get a hugh jass salad. Oh and did Whole Foods deliver.

    We had a great lunch – catching up and chatting. Oh, and we have GREAT NEWS. We BOTH got into the Nike Women’s Half Marathon – along with another friend ours!!!!

    4-23-2010 9-05-38 AM

    Come Oct. 17 we will be running the streets of San Francisco and the only thing keeping me going and pounding out those hills will be the fireman dressed in a tux presenting me with a Tiffany’s necklace at the finish line. Yes – you heard me right.


    How freakin’ awesome!?!??!

    Oh and I love the race’s motto: Run Like A Girl.

    Heck yes I will. This girl can haul (well, sometimes. If I’m in the mood. And if there’s a Tiffany’s necklace waiting for me to claim. Then most definitely).

    Anyway.  Back to lunch with Aleece.

    My salad was killer. In a good way of course.

     Picture 300

    Seriously this thing weighed about 1.25 lbs. I am not kidding when I say it was a hugh jass salad. I am still full from it! It was probably one of the better Whole Foods salads I’ve had. Lets see if I can remember what is in this concoction:

    • spinach ( I know you can’t even tell its under that pile of food)
    • edamame
    • grape tomatoes
    • red bell peppers
    • cucumbers
    • onions
    • sweet potatoes
    • asian broccoli
    • marinated tofu
    • sesame noodles
    • vegan lentil mixture
    • vegan kale mixture
    • bean medley
    • all doused in balsamic vinegar


    Tonight is champagne Friday!!

    Picture 116

    I’m so excited to wind down and drink champagne with Eric. We are especially excited for this weekend because we are hoping to find a new apartment! Yes, we are moving at the end of May. Our lease is up and we need to find a bigger place that has an office for Eric’s job when he starts in June. Plus we want to upgrade a smidge – in the form of washers and dryers. Hallelujah.

    Before we head out tomorrow to apartment hunt I am taking Eric to a “24 Lift” class they offer at our 24 Hour Fitness. It sounds an awful lot like the bodypump class I took last weekend, so I’m so hoping it gives me a great workout!

    Alright – I’m off to unwind, sip some bubbly and try and think of something to eat for dinner (recommendations welcome). Have a good night all!


    6 thoughts on “Fashion Friday + Nike Half Marathon Lottery Results

    1. Danica says:

      UM, I NEED to make pita pizzas again – look sSO GOOD!

      Yeah for helping your pops to lose weight. Those turkey meatloaf muffins look delish. I had planned some for lunch this week then forgot I set the turkey out on the counter to unthaw. I never put it in the fridge 😦 oops…..I was fine with not having them this week until I saw yours……YUM 🙂

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