Sign. Sealed. Delivered.

I’m Yours. Or in this case, ITS MINE!!!

Picture 346

Yes, I received my beloved package from Janetha yesterday! I’ve been so swamped with work, but I wanted to quickly write about this awesome package!

Picture 347

OMG! It was literally like Christmas morning.

  • Shredded Spoonfuls (so perfect because I JUST ran out of mine)
  • Teraswhey Blueberry (I’ve had my eye on this ever since Janetha blogged out it. HOLY CRAP this stuff’s good)
  • ONE FREE KOMBUCHA COUPON – i mean honestly, could this package BE anymore hand crafted to my liking?
  • Oxygen magazine
  • Trident gum
  • 2 Lunas (my fav bar)
  • MIGHTY MAPLE! I’ve been dying to get my hands on this, but I can never find it!
  • And a Blender Bottle – which has quickly become my drink-any-liquid-out-of-me-bottle.

I had to dive right in to the Mighty Maple, obvi.

Picture 348 Picture 349

Creepy, I know.

For breakfast this morning I used the Mighty Maple and Shredded Spoonfuls in my breakfast of champs. Cerealbowlanza and peanut (maple) butter toast with raisins.

Picture 350

oh yeah. that bread wants it.

Picture 351

just gettin’ started.

Picture 352

happy bread.

Picture 353

happy sarah.

Few hours later I dove into my blender bottle and teraswhey.

Picture 355

I love the stats on teraswhey! clean ingredients + tons of protein!

Picture 356

I mixed this packet with almond milk, half a banana and tons of spinach.

Picture 354  


Afternoon snack consisted of

pears + mighty maple = perfection.

Picture 357

Gotta run, but I wanted to thank my girl Janetha!!

I’m getting geared up for an awesome birthday filled weekend! More on this tomorrow (hopefully I’m not wanting to rip my hair out like I do now).


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