life really is good.

Right off the bat i have to admit i stole this from Janetha. I was inspired to write a blog based on her blog about reasons why she is lucky.

i find myself in bad moods relating to work, working out, not eating the best foods and life in general. i really have no reason to complain. i am beyond fortunate – much more fortunate than many people around the world. sometimes i just get into my selfish, own little world where i think everything of importance to me is of importance to everyone. i need to stop complaining and get my butt in gear. her post helped remind me why i am lucky and why i should be (and most definitely am) so thankful for everything i have.

Lucky to be able to afford a roof over my head (well thanks to Eric also paying rent as well).


Lucky to live and work in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Yes I am biased, but come on. its gorgeous. also lucky to live so close to the napa valley. which i have visited twice in the past three weeks.

image Picture 093Picture 376 Picture 395 Picture 400

Lucky to have a job that i actually enjoy – even if i sometimes get into the same old routine and would rather spend my day in bed watching the entire series of Friends.

Lucky to have amazing friends and family. both nearby and far away. they are my support system.

Picture 055 Picture 168Picture 119 Picture 143 image Picture 420 Picture 426 image image

Lucky to be able to eat healthy, wholesome food. this stuff can be very costly (enter kombucha and greek yogurt). especially when you have taco bell’s $2 meal at beck and call.

Picture 059 Picture 099 Picture 288

Lucky to have car insurance. Okay well its the law, but still! i did not have to pay nearly as much to fix the damages on my car because of my insurance coverage. oh yeah, i got in a minor car accident two weeks ago. poor baby jetta.

Picture 364 Picture 363

Lucky that i am physically capable of exercise. my knee and hip/groin have still not been the same since my half marathon. the furthest distance i have run since then is 6 miles. i am used to running that twice a week plus a longer run. this has put me in a bad mood. but i am lucky that i actually have working legs that let me know when my body is hurting. i need to respect my body and STOP when it hurts. i am lucky i have a body that knows whats up.

Lucky to have the most amazing boyfriend/best friend a girl could ask for.

Picture 339 Picture 340 image image imageimage 

who leaves me a trail of birthday presents.

Picture 382  Picture 404

Lucky to be alive and healthy πŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “life really is good.

  1. tj says:

    awww I really like this post, even if it was stolen! πŸ™‚ It is important to remember why we are LUCKY. πŸ™‚ Thanks for the reminder!

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