Oatmeal Quinoa Fail

So I was so pumped for my breakfast this morning. I even layed out all the ingredients the night before to make sure my breakfast was extra epic. I found this amazing Quinoa PB&J recipe from Oh She Glows. It looked fabulous and perfect and everything I could possibly want in a breakfast.

It started out on the right foot – stirring 1/3 c of quinoa, 2/3 c of unsweetened vanilla almond breeze almond milk, 1/2 ripe smashed banana, cinnamon, salt and agave nectar.

Picture 544

I brought this mixture to a boil and then reduced the heat to low while continuously stirring for about 8 minutes.

I even had the appropriate PB&J counterparts ready to get in on the action.

Picture 545

The final product looked enticing topped with Trader Joe’s Omega-3 trail mix.

Picture 547

I dug in and was immediately disappointed! I can only describe it as not having any flavor whatsoever. Maybe my taste buds were off, or I wasn’t used to quinoa in place of regular rolled oats. Either way I felt bad as I dumped this breakfast bowl down the sink and promptly prepared two slices of whole wheat toast topped with mighty maple peanut butter and banana slices. Thank goodness i have a fool-proof breakfast fallback that I can put together in 3 minutes flat.

The saving grace of this breakfast fiasco was that I used up all of my mighty maple peanut butter.

Picture 546

OIAJ is in my future – perhaps even Overnight Oats In A Jar inspired by Tina. She’s been making it like crazy!! Perfect for the warm weather that is coming up.

Before I leave I want to give you a brief photo recap of my life in the past, oh, month or so that I have disappeared from the blog world.

My 24th birthday!!!

Picture 425

Picture 420

Lots of wine tasting in Calistoga and Sonoma.

Picture 449

Picture 457

Picture 467

Picture 469

Picture 532

Picture 530

Picture 539

Visiting the Culinary Institute of America in Sonoma.

Picture 463

Picture 466

Having my parents come visit me for the first time since I moved to the Bay Area in October 2008 (they’ve been SO busy and could never find a weekend that we were both available).

Picture 541

Picture 537

Picture 529 

LOTS of yummy eats (duh). Currently trying to come out of a food coma from all of the good food, wine, cheese and crackers.

Picture 506

(also a glimpse of our new apartment!!! more pictures to come)!

Picture 479 

“Bruschetta pasta” made by Eric’s mom

Picture 483

Eric and I had our first trip to Sonic!!! Diet cherry limeade is the new water I tell you. Thank goodness we do not live by one of these.

Picture 486

seafood platter for Catrina’s going away dinner. 

Picture 489 

Thus resulting in my first experience with a clam! For the record I was not a fan. My expression in this picture is before I ate the slimy sea creature. 

Picture 511

Sweet potato fries at the sushi restaurant below our apartment. I know – very odd for a sushi place to serve sweet potato fries, but I’m sure glad they do.

Picture 432

stuffed mushrooms. holy yum. i don’t even like mushrooms but these were the bomb.com (yes i just used that phrase).

Picture 062

the occasional $10 (1.25 lb.) Whole Foods salad. My weakness.

Picture 415

Birthday dinner: pasta with sundried tomatoes, asparagus and roasted chicken in a white wine sauce. YUM. I still fantasize about this dish. I need to go back to this restaurant. 

Moving in to our new apartment over Memorial Day weekend. We now have a 2 bedroom, 2 bath + WASHER AND DRYER. Hallelujah. I can’t even begin to tell you how happy I am that we have access to a washer and dryer at our own disposal. Our last apartment provided washers and dryers, but it cost $3 to do a whole load of laundry. And this girl has darks, whites, delicate darks, delicate whites. It was just COSTLY! I don’t have any current pictures of our apartment as we are still making it look beautiful, but here is a glimpse of the new furniture from IKEA crammed into Eric’s 4 Runner.

Picture 491

Eric graduating with a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering! He is so talented and ambitious (one of the most ambitious people i know) – I am so proud of him!

Picture 500

Life in general has been beyond amazing.

  • i am super busy at work – but also kicking butt
  • getting in more workouts (elliptical – no running as my knee is seriously screwy. i may have to go the doctor)
  • bodypumping on saturday mornings and any other time i can squeeze it into my schedule
  • amazing boyfriend in new job + new apartment
  • getting to see my family twice in one month! I am going home for the 4th of july
  • getting back into the cooking groove! i was thrown off for about a month during our move and getting situated. now i am back in the game.
  • world cup = awesome. big screen TVs at work = more awesome
  • getting back to my blogging roots! i forget how amazing this community is and how much i love blogging. i am back my friends

have a wonderful thursday!


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