The New Digs

So I know I have informed you all that Eric and I moved over memorial day weekend. We are in a fabulous little two bedroom apartment that I am obsessed with. We only lived there for about 20 minutes when I declared that it felt more at home to me than my old apartment.

Unfortunately we have done little decorating as it pains me to spend money on furnishings when I could spend my money on delicious Whole Foods finds – a la Siggi’s, Amazing GrassTera’s Whey and Kombucha – please bring it back I don’t care about the alcohol content 🙂 -  or a fabulous pair of shoes. So the decorating is slowly coming along. Please keep this in mind as you view these mediocre photos.

Picture 556

Picture 560

Shirtless Eric in our kitchen

Picture 559

Our mini dining room equipped with wine cabinet.

Picture 558

Our coveted laundry room.

Picture 561

My favorite place – the bedroom (yes our mattress is on the floor for the time being).

Picture 562
Scratch that – the enormous bathroom and closet. I need to clean up my closet a bit before I show you all a picture of the gigantic space!

Anyone have any good decorating tips? I’m stuck – but I either want to incorporate rustic elements, or a European/wine flair with black and white photos, etc. Oh the possibilities. More like, oh the money.

Well I am off to meet my friend Aleece at Whole Foods for lunch. Friends + Whole Foods = ideal way to spend a Thursday afternoon. Can it please be the weekend already?!


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