AB + B = Almond Butter and Banana

So before I dive into the most amazing combination of food besides chocolate and peanut butter (geez I love my nut butters), I want to share my fabulous yet excruciatingly painful post work run with you all.

Yesterday was THE hottest day of the year in San Francisco. Also known as the day Sarah thought it would be fun to run after work in the city. (Normally I go home to the East Bay and then run). I set out at 5:30 pm and my iPhone told me it was 95 degrees, which is HOT for San Francisco, but not for my So Cal roots. Anyway, I set off eager and excited to check out a new running scene along the Embarcadero. I passed all kinds of fun things like the Bay Bridge, the Ferry Building, AT&T Park, Pier 39 and Fisherman’s Wharf. I was really excited in the beginning and took off WAY too fast. I ran a straight three miles no problem and stopped to take some pictures.

Picture 044

Picture 045

The remaining three miles were not so fun. I ran into a lot of this.

Picture 046

Crowds. This picture does not do it justice. On my entire way back I had to carefully dodge the innocent tourists who were sauntering like they owned the sidewalk. Why would anyone possibly be walking in the same space? Sorry – I was a bit frustrated. Anyway, the heat started to get to me, actually I think the heat caused a mini-case of dehydration because I took many a walking breaks on the way back because I was soooo thirsty. I can run 13 miles and not need a sip of water, so I knew something was up. I ended up finishing on a hill (figures) in 52:57.

I proceeded to pass out when I got home. I thought I prepared by drinking plenty of water throughout the day, but apparently it was not enough. I wish I had some coconut water to help me recover quicker, but instead I just crashed. Albeit all of that complaining, it was fun to run in a new place and focus on my surroundings, although I think I prefer less people because I don’t have to think as much. I like to have a clear head when I run, and massive crowds in sweltering heat do not really attribute to that. Okay more complaining. Sorry 🙂

Alright, now to the good part.

Bananas and almond butter. One of life’s purely perfect combinations. Honestly, why do these two things taste SO amazingly perfect together? A medley of sweet and salt, a harmony of flavor and texture. A perfect breakfast or pre-run treat.

Today it was of the breakfast nature. Seriously this is a staple, and it is my “I really don’t have time but I really want to eat something delicious and it needs to be portable” breakfast. I probably eat this at least twice a week. Needless to say, twice a week I am running out the door, racing to catch my BART train to get to work on time. At least I have my trusty breakfast.

Today was special. I added almond butter’s long lost and equally delicious cousin. Pumpkin butter. Thank you Trader Joe’s love of my life.

Picture 049

I toasted up two pieces of Ezekiel bread. I seriously cannot get enough of this bread. I want to try it all – especially the cinnamon raisin kind. I see a lot of french toast creations with that bread in the blog world, and I always have to wipe up my drool after gazing at all of the photos. What I love most about Ezekiel bread is not the taste, although it is divine. It is the ingredient list and calorie bang for buck. No HFCS here my friends. And only 80 calories a slice for the 4:9 original in the orange bag. And it is hearty, and nutty and so utterly delicious in toast, sandwiches, dipped in balsamic vinegar, smeared with cheese. Ezekiel, my heart is yours. I digress.

ANYWAY, I toasted up my Ezekiel bread and slathered ooey gooey almond butter on top of each slice. I then took it one step further by applying some pumpkin butter (is it fall yet?). I sliced up some banana and carefully layered each slice, and topped it off with a dash (or twenty) of cinnamon.

Picture 050

Heaven in all of tin-foil portable it’s glory.

I was ready to bust out the door with my “to-go” breakfast and iced coffee a la Tina. Delish.

Picture 051

Q: What’s your go to in a hurry breakfast option?

Mine is what you see above – almond butter banana toast. I also really enjoy a quick protein shake (green monster style), or an egg white breakfast sandwich on a whole wheat english muffin. Okay this last one takes a little bit of time, but still – stellar and filling.


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