NWM Recap!

I did it my friends!!!


On Sunday 10.17.10, I completed my second half marathon, the Nike Women’s Half Marathon. It was the most amazing experience – I still get chills just thinking about they day. I want to relive it over and over for so many reasons….

The preparation…..


all me gear – including my new spibelt! I love it – I highly recommend for runners!


yes I am a nerd. I made the boy take pictures of me ….

Spending the day with amazing friends….


sleepy, but lined up and ready to go!


finished, and all wet from the rain.


spending way too much money in Niketown

Tiffany’s Necklace – hello!!! pretty much the initial reason I signed up for this thing!



Swag much?


The inspiration along the way….


The grueling hills….

The cool wall with EVERY participants name on it!!


The breakfast after….




and in no pain whatsoever!

Seriously I was scared I was going to have knee pain, but it never came on. My only goals coming into this race were the following:

  1. No knee pain! Although I guess I can’t really control this, but apparently good stretching and foam rolling has paid off!
  2. Feel strong the entire time.
  3. Finish under 2 hours

I completed all three goals! Smile

My last half marathon was brutal. I was in pain the whole time. At mile 4 I was about to stop and start walking. I was exhausted.

This time around was SUCH a difference. I fueled my body properly the whole week before the race, got a good night sleep, and paced myself.

I felt amazing! Although I didn’t beat my PR of 1:51:28 (I was one minute shy!!!), I was still happy to make it under 2 hours!

Alright…I’m off to drink some champagne and eat some pumpkin froyo.

Possibly some baking in the works? I’ve got a BBQ tomorrow and I want to bring something sweet and pumpkin-y. We’ll see Smile


3 thoughts on “NWM Recap!

  1. Catrina says:


    I miss you!!!! I just “caught up” with you after a couple of months. Congrats on the NWM!!! I knew you’d love it. Looks like you’re well. Coming to California in May…can’t wait. Say hi to Eric!

    Catrina 🙂

  2. Drea says:

    i love the photos!! so proud of you. thanks for being such an amazing friend!! i had so so much fun with you. let’s do this again next year!!

    love you miss pap!!

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