Fear. The. Beard.

The San Francisco Giants are the 2010 world series champions!

Normally this would not spark my interest whatsoever since I seldom pay attention to baseball. This however, is a special case. These boys play baseball in my city. 3 blocks from my office. I’ve been a die-hard Giants fan for about a month now. Call me a hypocrite – fine. But the energy and electricity that radiates through San Francisco spread like wildfire.

Case in point: the Champions parade.

I am lucky to work so close to the location of yesterday’s parade. I was able to take my lunch break and saunter on down for the festivities. It was utter mayhem. But let’s start at the beginning. At 7:30 AM when I arrived in the city. People were already gearing up for the parade scheduled to start at 11AM.


A short hour later our office was getting ready with the appropriate noise makers and obnoxious goodies.



I headed down with a few people from my team about 15 minutes before the parade started. Clearly that was NOT early enough.



If you are claustrophobic you did not want to come anywhere near Market street or a surrounding 2 block radius.

The parade started and the crowd grew wild!


Honestly, I couldn’t really see much at all, but the energy was amazing!! I felt so proud to be in the city with all of these fans (an estimated slightly under 1 million people attended!!).


I just couldn’t wait to see the players! Particularly my newest crush: Buster Posey. He is just the cutest little thing (OK so he is 24 and married, but whatever). Luckily my wish was fulfilled after 40 minutes of standing around!


And Brian Wilson (Fear the Beard). Or his backside. Whatever. Still counts.


Who up until about 2 weeks ago I really was not too found of. It’s amazing what a little bit of marketing (Fear the Beard) and coverage will do to win me over. Okay not that amazing. I am a marketer’s dream. Ask anyone. Especially Eric who will vouch for anything cute, small and pink – I automatically want. Anything from a blender to a mop to a screwdriver. If it’s pink, small and cute I want it.

I digress….

Unfortunately they were really the only players I had a chance to see! Sometimes it does not pay to be short. After the players came through my coworkers and I headed back to the office to get back to work Sad smile

All in all it was a blast. Oh, and also pretty much a rare (dare I say ‘once in a lifetime’) opportunity that had to be seized.

I love my city  and my Giants Smile


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