Justin’s Almond Buttah

So today was an average Monday.

Did not want to get out of bed. Did not want to get dressed or make an effort to look presentable. Did not want to commute (although I have a new book from the library – Mini Shopaholic – loving it so far). Did not want to check and respond to the already 20 emails in my inbox. Needed copious amounts of coffee to get me through the aforementioned emails.

But then the average Monday became so pleasantly unique. Behold.


Yes my friends, a cardboard box full of squeeze size Justin’s Maple Almond Butter. An entire BOX. Overflowing with almond butter (well it was overflowing at one point until I did some damage).

So what brought this amazing treasure into my office and into my hands?

Apparently one of my co-workers is friends with someone who works for Justin’s (uhm hello greatest job ever), and he just happened to send her a giant load of almond butter. You know. Just cause that’s a totally normal, everyday thing for him. He lives, eats and breathes everything nut butter. Did I mention how jealous I am? I also found out that Justin’s is based in Colorado and started out with two guys with a mission to make some delicious nut butter. Now they are in virtually every Whole Foods in the nation. Amazing.

So my coworker went around to everyone asking if they wanted some. Uhm. Yeah. I about lost it. I actually did lose it. I’m pretty sure all of my coworkers think I’m crazy. But I know I can share this love with you all. I then proceeded to say how this was SUCH a steal, and they could pay me in almond butter packets. Seriously no one knew how expensive this stuff is, and how it hurts my wallet (but warms my heart) when I seldom purchase this nut butter gem.

So I proceeded to take a small army of packets to stash in my desk. And then immediately opened one and ate it with an apple. Heaven. I then happily responded to my remaining emails with a big fat smile on my face. See how easy it is to keep employees happy?

P.S. So sad I missed the annual FoodBuzz festival! I took care of Eric’s four year old sister (Ashley) all weekend. And I am official WIPED OUT. More so than when I complete a half marathon. In lieu of my attendance, I’ve been reading some great recaps and living vicariously through them! Keep ‘em coming blog friends Smile

How was your Monday unique?

three words: free almond butter.


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