Bagels and Baking

First of all, notice a new change in my blog? I am notorious for not updating / revising / maintaining my blog, but it really needs a facelift. I am working with whatever WordPress can give me, so stay tuned for some additional changes to come! Including a workout page!

After getting home last night and settling in on the couch, Eric walked in the door from his day at work carrying a Target bag. As I welcomed him all I could think about was what was in the Target bag. Why were you at Target without me? I want to go to Target. I want to buy those boots and that shampoo….You catch my drift.

He knows me oh-so well and called me out on my ponderous look. To my delight he decided to pick me up some Pillsbury dark chocolate chip cookies to bake! I think it was secretly because he wanted some cookies now that we are almost out of all of our undistributed Halloween candy. So I decided to bake!

I followed the directions on the box because I just wanted some darn cookies STAT, but instead of adding an egg I decided to take a shot at making a flax egg that I read so much about in the blog world. For the record I used 1 tbsp. finely ground flax meal and 3 tbsp. water to substitute one egg.  I was a bit apprehensive at first because the flax + water mixture did not seem to thicken up after I let it sit out for a couple of minutes. Even so, I combined the flax egg, 1/3 cup of canola oil and 3 tbsp. water with the cookie mix and plopped them in cute little cookie dough balls on a cookie sheet.


Baking requires vino, no? The end result was actually quite delicious! Kudos to the flax egg and Pillsbury – and my superb baking skills Winking smile 


After overdosing on cookies + dough I crashed – hard. I am still so tired from watching Ashley this weekend. Eric and I both slept so well last night, and I did not want to get out of bed when my alarm clock went off (what else is new). The only thing keeping me going was knowing that I was going to have a bagel for breakfast! I have been craving super salty breakfasts lately. Which is a bit strange since I usually have sweet meals like the banana topped – 3 minute breakfast cookie (official recipe to come. I’ve got the ingredients down to a tee), or green monsters.

I found some everything bagels at Trader Joe’s this weekend, and after reading the clean ingredient list (everything at Trader Joe’s is preservative free. Well except some of their deli meat which contains nitrates – yuck) I decided I had to buy them. Oh and they were right next to some pumpkin bagels. After excitedly throwing both bags of bagels in my cart, I decided that I should be budget friendly and put one back and get it when I finish the first bag. And when I get the pumpkin bagels next week I will get some pumpkin cream cheese. Trader Joes wins my heart every week I tell you.


The everything bagel + organic whipped cream cheese was my breakfast this AM along with a side of seeedless red grapes.


I have a feeling I will be having this breakfast more than once this week (especially if I have to finish the bag of everything bagels before getting the pumpkin ones)!

Now I’m off to work. And snacking on a pack of maple almond butter. Life is good.

On tonight’s dinner menu: chili mac! Stay tuned….


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