What defines a blog?

Where do I even begin? so I’ve taken a bit of a hiatus (okay so that’s the understatement of the year). I’ve taken a great hiatus while I tried to balance my work, life, relationships, friends, fitness, and cooking. Looks like I’m not so great at incorporating a daily blog into this mix. however, in this time off, I still continued to be active in the food and health blogging community – and by active I mean reading and commenting and drooling over fabulous recipes and killer treadmill workouts. one thing that did not remain active: my food blogging. my picture taking of food. my writing. the loss of a community.

it occurred to me this morning when I peeled back the cover of a pineapple chobani (so delish btw), that I don’t really like taking pictures of everything I eat. especially things I eat every day (i.e. chobani, coffee, half a square of lindt dark chocolate with a touch of sea salt every night before bed). I do however, love to take pictures of my culinary creations (or replicas), wine and champagne, beautiful moments and anything that sparks my interest. I think I accredited this lack of passion to photograph every morsel for not inconsistently updating my blog. it took some time to realize that this is my blog. my space. my thoughts. I do what I want with it, and no precedents or boundaries are set in stone. so what if I don’t showcase my every meal, snack and spoonful (okay finger-full) of almond butter?

while I’ve always considered my blog as a food blog, in reality I’ve realized that I really don’t bode well with slapping a title on this creation.  it just so happens I’m passionate about food, wine, health, fitness, fashion and reality shows (just to name a few Winking smile).

so from this point forward, this is what you all will see on here. my random thoughts, recipes (if they so suit me), workouts, pictures and everyday life musings.

thank you all for your patience (if I’ve still retained any of you out there!), and I hope you like what’s to come Smile

A question for you: in your mind, what defines a blog?


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