Costeaux French Bakery

I found a new love. A cute little French bakery in Healdsburg called Costeaux French Bakery.


After a grueling 13 mile run on Saturday, followed by an evening playing with a 4 year old with more energy than anti matter, I was ready to dig in BIG time at this French bakery the next morning. I typically don’t go out to breakfast, so this was a real treat while we were visiting Eric’s mom in Healdsburg (she just bought a gorgeous house)!

We were lucky to get gorgeous weather during our drive out to Healdsburg.  IMG_3636

This bridge was extremely narrow and high. I freaked out a bit, but it provided amazing views of San Francisco. After the 1.5 hour drive we arrived at Costeaux French Bakery.

I was immediately drawn to the huge, open interior of the bakery/restaurant. There was a bakery on one side, while the entire restaurant was on the other side.



I loved the old, rustic feel – including the adorable painted words on the walls.

We were lucky enough to snag a table outside under the heat lamp. Even though the weather was nice, it was still cold (yes. 60 degrees is down right bone chilling to my So Cal blood).

We started off with hot coffee and Eric asked the waiter to bring him a muffin. A beautiful pumpkin muffin. It was probably one of the best muffins I have every had. But the waiter did not stop there. He also brought a morning bun. Just because. I could get used to that .


After devouring those two, it was time for the entrée. I ordered the Costeaux omelet:


From the bakery’s website: Applewood smoked bacon, spinach, sun dried tomato and French brie.

Wow. this was incredible. Needless to say I devoured it in about 3 minutes flat.

I have a feeling I will be making more trips to this little bakery. Especially since they have amazing home made bloody mary’s. Something I have never been fond of, but after tasting this one I was sold. Sign me up.

Their bathrooms also gave me inspiration in home decorating! Every wall in the women’s bathroom was covered in a collage of old, vintage wine labels.


I mean, how adorably clever is this?


Now, I’m not thinking of covering my entire bathroom in old wine labels (but please know that we drink enough wine to easily allow for this), but more along the lines of a big framed poster to hang above the couch or our bed.

Costeaux, you have won my heart.


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