Dinners with Blue Apron

The past few months I have been using Blue Apron to cook dinner and completely love it. If you’re not familiar with Blue Apron, it is a meal delivery service that sends fresh, mostly local ingredients with accompanying recipe cards. The package is delivered in a large box with ice packs and liners to keep things cold if you are not home when the package is delivered.

We’ve been using the 2 person plan for $9.99 per person per meal (about $60/week) for weeks where we feel like we’re in a food rut. Each box contains ingredients to make 3 different meals. They also offer a family plan for 4 people offering 2-4 meals per week for the price of $8.74 per person per meal. So many options for all kinds of families.

Beautiful recipe cards for each recipe!

Beautiful recipe cards for each recipe! Disregard my chipped nail polish 🙂

Some of my favorite things about this service:

  1. All ingredients come pre-portioned. So there is no waste from ingredients you had to buy to make one recipe (I’m looking at you jar of hoisin sauce). They provide exactly what is needed – no more and no less.
  2. I don’t have to stress about meal planning on Sundays! It takes all effort out of stressing about what to make and what to buy. I come home, pull out a recipe card and get to work.
  3. The directions are SO simple and convenient with the beautiful photos showcasing each step. This makes it very easy for E to make dinners when I am getting home late from work.
  4. You can select from various meals per week. If you are a meat eater you can select from various meat and fish options as well as vegetarian.
  5. You can skip weeks and aren’t charged anything! You just have to remember to “skip” a week by a certain time or else they send it to you anyway (and you are charged).
  6. The meals are around 500-700 calories per serving and take about 25-45 minutes to prepare.
  7. Recyclable materials. The geniuses at Blue Apron have been constantly innovating to make the packaging materials from their deliveries more “green.” They recently announced an even easier way to recycle the materials. 1), use a new recycling locator to find recycling options in your community, or 2), return your packaging to Blue Apron via USPS for free and we’ll recycle or reuse it for you. I will be using the USPS option!

Also, Blue Apron also just started a wine membership. I haven’t had the chance to try it yet, but it seems like a great idea since the wines are selected to pair with the meals.

Now for the best part – the meals!

This week we received the three vegetarian options (as we do every week). On the menu this week:

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 10.52.31 AM

We typically get our shipments on Fridays and then cook dinners for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

While they send you the pre-portioned ingredients, you still have to prepare the meals. So you still have to chop and dice and be the little chef you are. I love this about Blue Apron as it still gets me in the kitchen trying new techniques (I once cooked with cactus!).

This week’s meals were delicious but the favorite was the Thai Green Coconut Curry. It was delicious! I am already looking forward to next week’s meals!

I am not affiliated with Blue Apron, but simply wanted to share my own personal experience! 

Have you tried Blue Apron? 

What do you like to cook at home?


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